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Would it still smell with Vaporizer and Sploof?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PerfectSkies, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I have two fans in my room and just bought a Vaporlighter yesterday. I just made a sploof with three dryer sheets and two on the outside with a rubber band. The type of weed I smoke is mids. 
    If I used a vaporlighter and sploof in my room, would it smell??

  2. Long as you have the temperature low enough that you aren't combusting, the smell with a sploof should be gone in a matter of minutes. Also the smell is way different. Someone that doesn't vape wouldn't think the smell is weed most likely anyways. Without a sploof the smell would be gone within 15 minutes without a fan or any type of ventilation. Still use a sploof if you're concerned. Good luck op!

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  4. nank dugss, your post helped. Thanks!  :D
  5. no problem man

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    Yeah I vape in my room and just blow it out this long tube I have sticking out the window. It's cool cuz I just lay in bed vaping and all the vapor gets blown out the window so no smell, and I don't have to move lol

    You should be good with a sploof, though windows really help
  7. I vape with no sploof window open vape on the window sill blow the vape out the window, put my finger over the straw so I don't waste vape and have literally no smell. Make sure the vape is completely done vaping/ cold enough that it isn't vaping before you put it away. Dump the avb in a tissue then in the garbage or straight in the toilet.also OP.

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    I used to smoke with a small pipe and a bat next to the window and blow it out. My parents thought my room smelled funny one time, but I never got caught. But, I stopped after one day a cop drove by while blazing out the window during summer. The cop stopped for a moment and I closed my windows. :lol:  :rolleyes: Luckily, the cop didn't knock. I will never blaze out the window again, for sure.
    I have a friend who vaped in his room with schwag once with no sploof and only one fan as an experiment. His brother said it reeked, but didn't spread through the hallways luckily. I am hoping my experience will be different compared to his.
  9. Dont know about that vape but with my mflb I dont even need a sploof. What little (if any) smell there is is gone within a minute or 2. Just today I was valping on my couch when my brother ( hes not a cop, but did a police internship and was going to be a cop as a fallback) who's very anti-weed came to the door (didnt know he was coming). I tossed all my shit in my room and he walked into my house literally less then a minute after a vape exhale and said nothing about any smell. Of course I was more freaking out that my eyes may be bloodshot or something because I hadnt looked at them lol (they weren't).
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    In the future, I will invest either for that MFLB you mentioned or get a Magical Butter Machine. Was the weed schwag, mids, or chronic?
    With my vaporlighter, all I get is glassy eyes with a cloudish color. I used a vaporizer similar to yours and it reeked outside for a bit with a popcorn smell in a patio with a group of friends.
  11. The only time mine has produced any significant amount of odor was the 2 times I combusted when I first got it. Other then that there may be a slight popcornish odor for a minute but that's about it. I've read alot of people say the mflb is one of the least smelling vapes, my guess is because you don't take very big hits with it, and it's only heating when you have the battery engaged. Was the one you used a knock off? May have nothing to do with it but lower quality build could easily mean more smell leaks out I'd think.
    Weed was some super dank cheese, no idea how different mids would smell.
  12. I'm back. I vaped in my room with sploof and the vape. The thing is, I inhaled through the sploof and saw vape come out. It smelt like popcorn for a bit until I febreezed my room. Either that or it's my breath that smells like popcorn. Now my room smells like febreeze and laundromat. Haha.I will blow the sploof outside next time.
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    I would say after trying it, smell wise yes. It got me pretty high though.And you figured out how the vaporlighter works. It does exactly everything you said. I don't know much about vapes since I've only tried 2.. All I know is if it's combusting since the bowl is turrning black and full of black/greenish stuff at the bottom. The vape was $30 since I can't afford anything too big. But hey, nobody should be discouraged from buying this if they're on a low budget. My friend told me it is better in a car since you can let out the windows and it goes away quicker.
  14. Post a picture of what comes out after next time you use it. Does it taste like smoke or does it have a good vapor fast to it (you'll know the difference even if you'd never tasted vapor before). I looked it up and couldn't find much but the heating element in it looks like it would burn it, like vape pens do. If its combusting, just use it as a inconspicuous looking e-pipe since unfortunately its going to still smell.

    Mflb kits are ~$75 on eBay. I highly recommend it if your wanting something almost odorless. At first I wasn't to into the look of it (liked the look, just thought it would still look like some sort of paraphanellia) but in native mode, no draw stem/whip, you can completley cover your hand over it while taking a hit. Just looks like your eating a burrito or something. I've seen people put them in juice box's too with the stem as the straw and battery sticking out the side that can be covered easily.
  15. I have an arizer solo and a smoke buddy and I use it in my dorm room all the time. As long as I put a wet towel under the doors and keep the window open I'm good.

    You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher
  16. You could use a regular lighter too.

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  17. you're set. no smell whatsoever. I use a sploof while smoking my spoon in my room and i can manage to keep the smell down pretty well too. 1 open window + sploof = zero scent. With a vaporizor you probably don't even need to worry about a window or plugging up vents or door cracks either.
  18. Wait, the cop closed your window?

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  19. Hahahaha, I meant to say I closed my window. That would be pretty awesome though. :lol:
  20. [​IMG]
    To answer your question, it has a very very little smoke taste while vaping it. But, when I exhale, it has a popcorn taste. I think this vape is new since there isn't much information other than the info I found on the forums here from the past: Thanks for the recommendation of the MFLB. That's the kind of vape I want in the future instead of this one. A vape that doesn't smell and is stealthy. I'm just sticking to the Vaporlighter since I can't smoke. When I donate, I'll save up as much as I can for the MFLB. :D 75-80 isn't bad.

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