Would it hurt anything to push a 12/12 cycle back an hour or two?

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    Hey all!

    Just what the topic says. My lights currently come on at 9:30 am and go off at 9:30 pm. When the sun comes up, there's a lot of light leak happening in the tent around the zipper and some of the light is getting in through the air intake ducting. So, I want to change it up so the lights come on at 7 am, and go off at 7 pm. Would altering the on/off cycle like that hurt or potentially stress the plants?

  2. No - that will work perfectly fine changing to 7:00 to 7:00. Just go ahead and do it - no worries at all.

  3. I'll tell you this, though - and just something to think about once u get your light leaks fixed - I personally find it so much better to run (my own) lighting at night - simply due to temperature control.

    When it's hot out during the day in the summertime? My lights are off. My lights run at night when it's cooler. In the winter when it's coldest at night - my lights are on at night.

    Just a thought!

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  4. Actually, for my next grow, that's exactly what I'll be doing. Especially now that the days are really warm and the nights are really cold, I want the tiny bit of heat the LED lights create contributing to warming the tent and also combating the humidity. Overnight, humidity is hitting 60% and more, but only hitting around 30% during the day.. so, a heat source (small as it is) will help with that.

    I'm also considering going to an HPS/MH combo light for winter growing. That'll really get the temps up. And it's probably better for light dispersion, too. I just don't get the light spread I want with the LEDs.
  5. I didn't think so, but it was worth checking as it's my first grow... Thanks!
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  6. What sized area?
  7. We auto growers laugh at light leaks.

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