Would it be weird if two bros drink wine?

Discussion in 'General' started by Omega369, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Sorry for the use of word bro.  Lately I've been drinking wine instead of beer.  Beer makes me sleepy and sluggish, but wine makes me super social and bubbly.
    If I were to hang out with a friend and got wine, and he got beer, would that be weird?
    What if we both got wine?

  2. I think the problem is you think theres a problem just because it's wine.

    It has more alcohol than beer, roughly twice usually....if anything this would seem more "bro" like, as you would be getting more "wasted"..

    just saying...you're the one making it seem "weird", man, hahahaha
  3. Depends. You drinking MD20/20 or a soft Merlot?
  4. MD20/20 haha hell no! I forgot about that stuff
  5. honestly Omega, after that brokeback mountain incident.. yeah, it's gay bro
  6. Until you do something to make it gay it's drinking with a buddy.
  7. What up bro, there's nothing wrong with it unless you make a move or something.
  8. you hittin that rossi??? paisann baby, allday.
  9. if you were to do this in a bar or restaraunt thats super gay.
    but in the comfort of your own home? nah.
  10. It's only gay if you don't wear pants.
  11. might be able to get away with boxed wine
  12. It's only weird if you start spooning afterwards. 
  13. For real though there's nothing gay about it. Ain't nothing wrong with pounding down a couple bottles.
  14. Unless you're pounding those bottles down someone's ass as a sex toy. Other than that, he's right, nothing gay about it. Unless it's that fruity tooty kind of wine. 
  15. Took a bunch of clones the other night with my boy. We started with an anchor steam. Had a glass of cab sauv. Finished off with an oatmeal stout. Sent from my Galaxy Note II. I know you bitchez be jealous.
  16. its not gay if you drink wine together, but the sex after you drink it, thatll make ya gay for sure
  17. It's OK with me bro. If it has alchy in it, I've drunk it. A lot...
  18. Its funny, for most of history men have sat around drinking wine together and now its seen as gay
  19. drinking beer gives you bitch tits.
    everyone knows this.
  20. I don't think it's gay, but I mean judging by some of your posts, I don't see this being nearly the weirdest/gayest so you shouldn't be worried aha

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