Would It Be Safe To Use This Pipe I Made?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by fckall, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. so i made this pipe in school out of leftover plumming parts (copper and brass) the bowl is brass and the rest is copper. 
    i've heard that copper is not suitable for a pipe, but is this true?


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    Copper conducts heat really well so it'll get really hot..... I'm unsure of the health implications it may have.

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    I hate this stupid tablet.

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  4. Sketchy, brass is ok, but copper? Not so much.

  5. i dont think the flame would even touch any copperparts when the bowl is all clogged up with herb
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    Copper can be highly toxic man. Think of the green colouring for fireworks - that's made from copper. I'd just keep it as an ornament because it looks really cool !
  7. might do that. too bad i can't use it.
    thanks anyway :)
  8. I suggest you SMASH IT!:angry::angry::angry:

  9. I would if I hadn't spent so much dawn money on it.

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  10. Smoking thru copper'll bring on early dementia
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    3/4 by 1/2 by 3/4 tee and a piece of 1/2 inch coming out and a 3/4 male adapter on the top hahahaha!!! You should have sweated a cap on the bottom and the piece of copper. And by the way that adapter on the top is brass so you should be fine enjoy that haha I live making pieces

  12. Try again. Guess what the heating elements on a dry herb pen are made of.

    The "green coloring of fireworks" is the result of the oxidization of copper into cupric oxide...same reason pennies "rust" blue-green and the Statue of Liberty is green (copper statue around steel frame).

    BUT...once over about 300 C, instead of cupric oxide, you get copper peroxide, which is a black particulate...not toxic, but it DOES lodge in the lungs the same way inhaled fiberglass will, and will never be processed out naturally....so you don't want to expose yourself to it much.

    By the way...brass is an alloy primarily made of copper and zinc...not chemically combined, just both melted and mixed together well, like any other alloy...if copper was "toxic" the brass bowl would be just as dangerous as the copper stem. The reason brass is preferred is it's not as good a conductor (of heat or electricity...they use brass fittings in plumbing to avoid electrolysis...the creation of electromagnetic charge from the motion of water through the pipes/fittings...every fitting creates a "swirl" in the current of the water passing through it, causing ionization and the creation of a standing static charge).

    IronEyes...dementia has been linked to aluminum, not copper.

    The simple answer is, however, don't use it. Not because of toxicity, but because it WILL conduct heat, regardless of whether you think it'll be exposed to "too much heat" or not, and because of the chance of copper peroxide particulate getting into your lungs from EITHER the bowl or the copper stem/receiver.
    Thanks - didn't know any of that 
  14. NP :)

    It LOOKED like a damn good work of "kludge art", just not one that's advisable to use. LOL

    However, if you decide you want to have a bit of fun making a WOODEN one, I can walk you through how to heat treat and "charcoal harden" the wood...but it'll still break down eventually. Nice thing about wooden pipes...wish I could remember where I saw the one I'm about to tell you about, is that they can look like pretty much anything...the one I was most impressed by was an integral part of a wooden puzzle box assembly...when you finally got it apart, it was a pipe, stash box, and small reciprocating grinder (the ones where the top and bottom are slid across one another like a grater, instead of twisted...they don't work as well, but it was still neat).
  15. when you're smoking there's no way it'd get even close to 300 C. So wouldnt that make it safe to smoke out of?
  16. Dude, go ahead and use it for a temporary device until you can buy a $5 glass pipe at your LHS.
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  17. You get quite a bit past 300 C.
    300 C is 572 F
    Magnesium ignites at 650 C
    Takes about 5 seconds with a normal Bic to light a strip of magnesium tape on fire.
    Paper burns at 452 F/ 233 C. Flame from a Bic is hot enough that paper ignites almost instantly.

    From what I've been looking up, here, a normal butane lighter produces a flame of between 1700 and 3500 degrees C, depending on O2 access.

    Yeah, it can reach 300 C quite easily.
  18. If you took small hits and didn't keep the lighter to close could it be safe? Or is it just not worth it?
  19. I wouldn't risk it.

    Like I said, it's usable, but with the heat involved, it's GOING to produce copper peroxide, which isn't a good thing. Buy glass or wood, or make wood. Or even ceramic.

    Had you made that to have an insert for a glass bowl, I'd say "use it", but for direct exposure to the heat? Nope.

    Burning point of marijuana flower (dried) is around 500C. Lower for stuff that's gone through a grinder.

    The THC releases much sooner (like below 400 F, with vape manufacturers claiming that temps around 365 F are best for extracting THC without burning.), but if you're smoking, you're BURNING the bud...which means you're getting those 500 C or higher temps.

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