Would it be possible for me to leave it in this pot?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sparra, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Been on 12/12 for like 3 weeks now, pistils showing on different areas all over the plant and when i look at the bottom of the pot i can see the roots through the holes, i know it'd be ideal to have it in a bigger one but do you guys think i would be able to get away with just leaving it as it is?


    thanks in advance :) :D
  2. If you see signs of rootbound now then transplant now, you still have a long haul ahead of you.
  3. okay cheers :D
  4. +rep for they healthy plant, keep us posted it's looking great :smoking:
  5. nice plant
  6. How much dirt does that pot hold? You wanna do a gallon of dirt for every month the plant will be in the container, transplanting during flower is not ideal but either is the plant becoming rootbound. I transplanted 21 days into flower my first grow, it stalled for the better part of the week and when i chopped it down at the end of week 10 i grabbed the stem to pull out the root ball and the original smaller root ball pulled out and i found that the roots didnt go into new dirt at all. Good job on the plant it looks healthy, keep growin the good dope

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