Would it be okay to grow an auto with a photo?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SublimeWithBrad, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. What if I only had 1 LED light, and have a photo growing, but want to add an auto. Without a doubt, it will be ready to flower before my auto is finished growing on a 20/4 light schedule. Would it be okay to switch an auto to a 12/12 with the photo, or would it seriously impact yields? This is more of a curious question than anything, but it would be useful to know....
  2. I'm currently doing exactly that with a free auto seed I got. I can't remember off the top of my head how long it got 20 hours...but it is now on three weeks of 12/12...
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  3. Yep, you sure can. Depending on how much of its life is in a 20/4 cycle.....the longer its in that cycle...the less yield you will lose...IMO
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  4. consider this though, the humidity levels and spring like conditions are favored by young plants while dry and cool temps are favored in flower, just my .02 cents, I tried and killed the seedling , perhaps if you start it with 3 weeks 20/4 but from seed 12/12 is impractical, better to run perpetual autos in 20/4 IMHO
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  5. oh yeah, i totally agree. doing an auto from START 12/12 is a complete waste for sure!!.......IMO
  6. yeah it was unfortunate I really wanted to add another girl to my tent for my Christmas harvest because I have wasted space and well..12/12 doesn't seem to provide enough light to give it enough energy to really take off..just sorta sat there sadly in a 3gal pot nonetheless trying to root but no progress was made by week 3 so I pulled it and recentered my main girl
  7. I'm having a tough time with dry AND cool temps...my humidity skyrockets during lights out...like 75% or so, but 50s lights on...I have the same fans going constantly and the temp swing is from about 80 to 72. Any suggestions, very limited budget though?
  8. how big is your tent?
  9. also that temp swing is fine mine is also 72-80 right as light come on 72 then before bed and all night it sits at 80, no in line i run passive with 8in fan on top pretty much keeps humidity quite low with the constant refreshment of air
  10. Not my post, sorry about that. Thought it was. More on topic, here's my quick one auto at about 6 weeks old, 3 weeks of 12/12 1477970846898.jpg 1477970857738.jpg 1477970881081.jpg
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  11. nice what's your lighting
  12. Garbage haha...260ish true watts of cfl and t5...mostly 2700 cfl and 6500 t5
  13. yeah I gave up on cfl, Temps got Wild and honestly I didn't see much growth in flower, veg went great
  14. Water and feed in a moment. Here they are before. 1477980404317.jpg 1477980442805.jpg 1477980451099.jpg 1477980460527.jpg 1477980474943.jpg
  15. looks great man ! can't wait to see it in full bloom I am still at week 3 aswell
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  16. I'm at week 3 of vegging, hah. Still got a little ways to go before I flower.
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  17. One thing I would have done differently is vegging longer. I went about 5 weeks, I would do 6+ next time and up to a 5 gallon instead of 3...just a little advice from my very limited experience
  18. Oh yeah, I'm gonna do an 8 gal grow next time and I'm vegging this time for about 8 wks with 3 gal pot. but next time the 8 gal will be used
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  19. im using 3 gal and wish I went to 5
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