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Would it be illegal to...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hotdog585, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. What if someone smoked tobacco through a brand new bong on a park bench in the middle of the day, with many children and parents around?

    They take huge, obnoxious rips and cough a lot. Also they say 'oh my god I'm so high' multiple times as well.
  2. if its a place where smoking tobacco is allowed, and there are no illegal substances, then it should be 100% legal lol
  3. Cops would probably be up your ass.
    Mothers would give you dirty looks.
    and there would be many confused looks on the children s faces.
    is it legal?? maybe unless there was no smoking allowed at the park
  4. whats the point? Other than to be immature and obnoxious. If cops wanted to detain you they probably could take you down to the station and do tests just to make sure it really was tobbaco, just to fuck with your day just like you fucked with theres. If they couldnt do that then they might try to get you for any number of other things.
  5. To stick it to the man. They could test it but I doubt they'd go that far, no doubt they'd be pissed though.

  6. I don't know the laws on mars ;)
  7. doing something completely legal

    not sticking it to the man lol
  8. You could prove a point, but why?

    There's a guy looking like he is pissing in public, but squeezing water out of a bottle, it's legal, but only to mess with cops.

    I'm sure you could do the same with a glass bong in a place where tobacco is legal.

    I want to see someone take a bong hit of tobacco in a casino...
  9. Psh they'll get you for SOMETHING

    And Idk bout where you live but I know it's illegal to smoke tobacco at parks in California. Or at least my city.

    Off topic..

    I was actually at a park with a friend and he was smoking a stoge and we were just talking and shit..

    Well yeah. Cop shows up and gives my friend a ticket for smoking in a park...

    Well.. 20ft away guess what.. There was like a dad smoking a cigarette and he didn't get a ticket.

    Cop punkd us cause we look young.. Both 18+ btw

  10. You seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the phrase "sticking it to the man".
  11. If you took huge rips of tobacco out of a bong you probly would get high lol but it would make me so sick
  12. Haha yeah I would never do this, just a thought. It'd be funny to see someone smoking a bong in their convertible parked somewhere crowded
  13. Well you're bong might have weed resin and who knows if the cops will check it out. They might fine you for being a nuisance in the park and smoking a bong, especially with kids around. I wouldn't :S
  14. I take my 3foot hookah and smoke shisha all the time at my local park. Whenever the cops come up I explain to them exactly what a hookah and shisha is and they don't seem to mind, as long as I'm not annoying people with the smoke and I'm not letting kids smoke it.

    But it also depends on the rules for that specific park.
  15. that much nicotine in my system all at once would fuck me up. nooo thankyew
  16. I think what OP doesn't realize is that bong hits of tobacco is gonna overload you with nicotine and you're last concern is gonna be the cops. I saw a guy overdose on nicotine and it's seriously fucked up, he couldn't even talk right.

    I might be acting like a hardass but that's the way I see it.

  17. Dude yea... nicotine is fucking treacherous

  18. He said a brand new bong with no resin.

    But why waste that first hit of a new bong on tobacco? Pack a bowl of fire in that bitch.
  19. A couple of my buddies used to always do "head rockers" which was like a 1/2 and 1/2 bowl of weed and tobacco. I tried one once and all I can say is that if you rip a full bowl of tobacco, the only person you are sticking it to is yourself.
  20. To me that just sounds immature and like your asking for unnecessary attention from children and parents?? Just saying thats being very oblivious and arrogant to go and do that in public cuse to the children and parents your just smoking weed out of it, not like half the ppl know the difference.

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