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    Well this girl in my class asked to borrow a pen and i gave her this fancy pen and she thought it was a pen that shocks you. so i let her borrow a different one. I finally got her to realize it wasnt by messing around and shit.

    I was thinking, since i do have a shocky pen i should bring it in and tomorrow be like "yea can i have my pen back , heres this one".

    Good idea?

    Bad idea?

    shes really chill though
  2. Vibrator pen. Trust.
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    i would not do it, she could flip out and stick that pen in your eye:eek:
  4. just taze her. and film and post plz
  5. Yeah it would be funny....I have this key thing the looks exactly like an Audi keyfob, with the flip out key and everything....well, when you push the button that supposed to set of the alarm it shocks the shit out of you.

    So one day after class I was walking to my car with this girl, and I was like "here, you wanna drive, I'm tryin to get stoned" Keep in mind, I can drive high, she didn't know that though, and I DON'T have an Audi, but again she didn't know that.

    So she's like "oh nice an Audi" As I'm smoking a bowl, I'm like "yes an Audi, can you hit that button? I don't remember where I parked" Her crafty remark "you're such a stoner"

    Anyway shocked the shit out of her and she didn't even see it coming so it was even more funny, I never did get my pee pee sucked by that girl though.

  6. !!!!FAIL!!!!

    Lol, and yea OP. GO FOR IT! lol...
  7. Yes, you most definitely should...

    (*Disclaimer: ...unless you have any plans of trying to get this girl to touch your penis.)

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