Would Israel be better off without aid from the US government?

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  1. I don't really have a view but I'm looking into it, in the meantime, what are your opinions on the topic?
  2. Would Israel be better off? Probably not.

    Would America be better off? Probably yes.

    We have to be selfish as a country and stop supporting all of these states/ countries that are determined to self destruct.
  3. Not with all them terrorists over there having free reign of the whole area!

  4. They would simply die. They're addicted to the US $$ like most of the world, including ourselves. MY GOD....what will we do when the printing press stops working??????????????
  5. no country would be better off without billions of dollars in aid..
  6. In the long run they would be better off.

    But if we remove our aid from Israel we also have to remove our aid from their enemies.
  7. Quoted for truth!

    Funding Israel seems to me pretty much purely a means of enforcing an obligation for Israel to pursue policy that serves an American/Western agenda, something which massively compromises the ability of the Israeli state at large to act autonomosly and thus cripples it's ability to act on behalf of what it's own Israeli people want it to do. As if the state itself wasn't a fickle enough means of enacting public desire for the policy and future of a country, living in what is effectively a puppet state must be absolute hell for people who can't stand what the government is doing, things they're only doing in the first place to make America happy... :cool:

    This inescapable obligation and connection with America also seems to me to steep the individual Israelis in a cultural space where what goes on in America is inseperable from what goes on in Israel, as though the very lives and existences of Israeli people couldn't be what they are without this 'aid' and otherwise interference from America. As a non-Israeli I obvioulsy can't say that this DOES compromise the Israeli's self-perception of their own cultural uniqueness, but to me it seems like your national identity surely must be compromised when it's so deeply tied in with the people of another country who don't have nearly the same kinds of forces acting upon them. Like your identity is being shaped by people who have a vested interest in shaping it to suit the plans of their own nation... you would still feel culturally distinct as an Israeli, but as though being Israeli is not possible according to your own very recognition of being Israeli without the cultural and political shadow of America bearing down upon you.

    Thus, I say that Israel would absolutely be better off without American aid and influence, that they may grow up and be proud of who they are, not who they've been shaped to be; and that their politics can be politics by the Israelis and for the Israelis, not politics by America that have been applied to the local setting of Israel, and indirectly yet largely for America with direct and small-scale benefit going to Israeli people themselves.
  8. I think everyone would be better off without any sort of US "aid" or "humanitarian bombs" or "loans" or "support" or whatever rainbow razzle dazzle word for "screwing you over" we have.
  9. Would the money the US is spending on foreign military aid be better spent outside of the entire defense universe, perhaps on education? Definitely.

    That said, a lot of the US aid to Israel are given with a contract that the money must be spent on US weapons firms. It is kind of a business trick on the US's part, and overall a small (but 2billion is never insignificant, see my first sentence) portion (between 1/4 and 1/5) of Israel's total defense spending.

    Israel would be the most better off with real leaders who understand that not solving the Israeli-Arab conflict is the biggest threat to Israel's existence. But now this is in sight - 300,000 Israelis took to the streets last week, the most ever. The protests are now spreading north and south with tens of thousands now in Haifa, a mixed Jewish-Arab city.

    It seems it is time in Israel to shake off the cloak that terror and nationalism surrounded them in.
  10. I completely agree with you. If Israel and Arab nations stop getting aid from the US, Israel can spend money where it needs to be spent and have equipment that they need. I think they've been trying to stop getting aid for years, haven't they?
  11. Israel has 300-500 nukes at it's disposal, what more do they need to defend themselves from other nations?

    Answer: nothing.
  12. I could care less about other countries being better off...WE WOULD BE BETTER OFF IN THE USA.

    Let others fend for themselves. Our interference only hinders their drive to become independence states/nations and progress into good self-governing bodies.:cool:
  13. I doubt it.
    They need the aid, but America would suffer from it.
    America would be better off, but Israel wouldn't.
    And in this situation, I encourage the US not to give aid. Their own country is in shambles.
  14. America would be much better off. Israel would be overrun.

    Israel is an oppressive state that forces the Palestinians into ghettos.

    The day we saw Jews enforce GHETTOS was the day the world stopped making sense.

    Liberate Palestine.
  15. the money we send over reinforces and strenghtens dictatorships. When we give countries money, it doesnt go into the peoples hands it goes into the rich evil leaders hands thus making them stronger.

    The media spins it so we as americans are scared of them so we keep sending them money and OUR leaders keep spouting off about how the middle east is "the end of the world if we dont interveen"

    Why we fight? You know how much a base costs to operate? The more countries we can STEAL "Democratically" is then forced to pay into the big bubble that we americans pay.
  16. The Israel lobby is probably the strongest lobby in existence. We have more of a chance of legalizing all drugs, ending foreign military involvements, and reverting to a gold standard in one day than we do of taking one penny in aid away from Israel.
  17. I agree completely with your statement. Face it, every politician besides Paul does not want to make cuts.

    Paul simply is the only one which is why he stands above and beyond any other candidate.
    Paul was right, the more status quo, the more people drift away from it especially since Paul is a candidate who is viable to win next presidency. Hes made an impression at Iowa and wont go away now.
  18. lol, really? Want to explain the whole Haifa thing to me? Oh wait, i bet you couldn't even find it on a map, let alone did you know it's one of many Israeli Arab combined cities.

    As for israel being overrun, that would sure be unexpected, given that the US only contributes about 1/4 of Israel's defense spending. Are you not too good with fractions, or just ignorant?
  19. No, but we sure would.

  20. Very good insight and VERY true.

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