Would I yield more if I got rid of two plants?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by ATPro30, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Hey GC, this is my first grow.

    The details;
    4’x2’x6’ tent
    300w full spectrum LED light. (I have 1 more I will be using in flower)
    BushDoctor Coco Coir
    General hydroponics trio

    These are now almost at the 4 week mark from germination.

    Would I get a better yield if I removed 2 of the plants and only went with 3?

    I know it’s super crowded and only going to get worse, but I’m working with the room I have. Basically I just wanna know if I should just stick it out the way it is, or cull the two smallest. I know there’s a lot of things that factor into yield, I’m just now at the point where I need to decide what to do. I knew they would get big, but this being my first real grow the tent looked huge when I first got it and I thought it would be plenty of room.

    Also, I was planning on flipping to flower in about one more week. Anybody have any input on if that’s good timing or if I should wait a little longer? I know they can double and sometime triple in size once flipped, and I don’t wanna max out and not be able to finish in this tent.

    Any insight is appreciated!

    Happy growing[​IMG]

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  2. Those 300w led lights are only good for one plant, I would only grow 2 plants in that size tent with 2 of those lights. Your plants look great! Good job. :thumbsup:
  3. take your smallest ones out and veg them well your others flower :p
  4. also to answer your question would you yield more if you took some out.....once your canopy is filled it doesnt matter if you have 1 plant or 7 the yields will be the same ( about)
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate the info

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