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Would I Qualify For A Medical Card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by The Toucan, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Recently I have been thinking of obtaining my Medical Marijuana card however, i'm not quite sure if my ailment pertains to the qualifications. About three years ago, I broke my knuckle and strained my wrist in three areas. Ever since then, doing activities such as Boxing, Ultimate Frisbee, and even just turning door knobs can hurt. I visited my doctor today and she told me to get hand therapy (again) to see if it would remove some of the pain. On my Health Information Summary, she wrote under pain duration Chronic (unchanged) and under the "Other" category she wrote, "worse 7". Having no medical education, i'm not quite sure what a lot of this means. So in conclusion under my full diagnosis she wrote WRIST PAIN NOS; 719.43 -New Diagnosis, secondary to old injury, we will check x-rays and refer to hand therapy for further evaluation. Recommend aleve 1 tab twice daily when doing activities known to aggravate it.
    I would give much appreciation to any feedback from cardholders or people with knowledge on qualifying.

  2. what state you in?  in california the medical condition part is a joke.  if you want to use weed instead of vitamins you're probably covered.  seriously though if you have chronic pain and dont want to take pharmaceutical drugs you usually qualify
  3. good link
  4. I went to a "doctors office" where I paid 50 bucks, filled out a questionare, talked to the doctor for 5 minutes over a SKYPE SESSION LOL. Not even in person. His only question: "What ailments do you have that medical marijuana helps you with?" I told him insomnia, and that it helps "balance me out."
    In like 15 minutes, I walked out the door with my legal ability to grow up to 33 plants and carry up to 2 lbs. on my person.
    Cali baby.
  5. woooow thats funny they used skype haha. i actually met with a doctor and they took my blood pressure and heartrate and all of that, but as ab above poster said in Cali many conditions qualify so most people meet the standards
  6. When I was in Cali I was talking to some guy on Hollywood Blvd, yeah I know but still all licensed and what not, he just followed me down the street asking if I have pain and shit was pretty funny.
  7. Sorry I didn't clarify, I live in Michigan and am 19 years old. Also what's my next step to acquire my card?
  8. LOL On Venice beach they have "medical marijuana doctor barkers" That wave people into the evaluation office. They are dressed in scrubs that have pot leaves printed all over them. Funny shit.
  9. Bring your medical history to a medical marijuana doctor. Look them up online, pick the closest one, bring your papers and medical history.
    Chronic pain sucks man, I have a similar injury but was recommended MMJ for chronic back pain.
    Get the X-Ray first and ask for a copy of it, that way you can bring it to the MMJ friendly doctor and show them what's going on. Be prepared to fill out a long questionnaire.
    Does Medical MJ help your pain? Reason I ask because it costs a lot of money to get and maintain your card in MI. Good luck. :wave:
  10. Aha those people are funny but it really is a scam because those are not real cards they are selling
  11. The hardest part for me was actually just going to the doctors office , but after a very brief consultation, i found that I could've had one many years ago. Don't be afraid of the rejection, just go in there and see. Be honest and don't look nervous, they will most likely help u (assuming you live in a medical state of course)
  12. What state do you live in? And what do you have your card for? If you don't mind me asking.
  13. CA and chronic pain from a knee injury (patella fracture) suffered in my HS years playing football. Brought X-rays and everything and also have some minor insomnia . I don't walk with a limp but must wear a brace if engaging in an sports or other recreational activity.
  14. sounds like your doc is calling it a new injury and wants to review x rays that were taken or wants to take x rays and review then. sounds like your pain level pulls a 7 out of 10 rating? be sure to ask the doctor to look at the x rays for arthritis. kinda sounds like you possibly have arthritis. don't know your states requirements but i know in cali. chronic pain,arthritis,gouty arthritis which i have are all ins.
    just go for it sounds like you are in. good luck with it and happy medicating!
  15. I always thought you were in CO for some reason lol. Yeah I've heard about CA is pretty easy to get a card. I'm actually moving out west soon! I plan on saving up 3000 more dollars, which I could do in this summer then I'm out. :D  I figure I should go while I have the money and no real ties holding me down here. I just want to finish this grow season out, harvest enjoy my fruits of labor and peace out.
    I have insomnia and sleep apnea, which I feel like a lot of people see as kind of a "fake" MMJ condition ya know. But it's not when you're up for 48+ hours. :(  I was originally going to OR but it seems like CA is the only state where you could really get a card for insomnia.
  16. Ganja. - if you do come out here , go as far north in CA as possible, anything further south is either depressing or expensive .
  17. Oh yeah Northern CA all the way. Southern CA doesn't really seem like my cup of tea anyways lol. I would ideally prefer to be anywhere above San Francisco.
    they're not fake conditions they just cant be proved (well sleep apnea can) like a migraine, definitely not fake but cant really be proved
  19. True, I feel like a lot of people use it as a fake condition to get a card since you're right it can't be proved but then those people ruin it for others. I mean I've been prescribed meds and stuff for it I just haven't used them since I was 15 due to ill side effects.

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