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Would I Pass A Drug Test? (Unique Situation)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theantijohn, May 29, 2013.

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    Before you gather an angry mob to lynch me for posting another thread like theof the millions of similar threads, i just want to say that i posted this thread because im in a rather unique situation. I've done lots of research, read the stickies and many threads on this site, but i haven't found anything that really applies to me. So, I know that there are dozens of variables, and it's impossible to really know. But I just wanted to ask if I could get some opinions on my situation. I found lots of "instant solutions" but they all seem too good to be true so I don't want to rely on them.
    See, I just started smoking weed. I've been smoking for exactly seven days, my first time was on May 22. The first few days, I smoked every night. Not sure how much exactly in terms of measurement (grams or whatever), but I probably smoked about five bowls every night. I stopped Friday and Saturday though. Then, since Sunday, I've been smoking all day and every day. I'd say about 10-15 bowls a day. And throw in about three or four joints in there about the size of a cigarette. So, earlier today (while I was high as all hell I might add), I got a call about a job application that I sent out like two months ago. They asked me to send them some emails. I assume they'll contact me about my interview or whatever soon but they didn't mention when it would be or when the medical exam would be. But i expect there will be a drug test because a friend of mine who works there now was given a drug test. And the company is a major television network, so I imagine they'll have high-end tests. So, i'm pretty sure I'll be given a drug test pretty soon. Either this week or next week, or possibly in two weeks.
    A little background info on me: I'm 22, Male, 215 lbs 5'9". If you want me to just come out and say it, then yes, i am fat. Got a lot of fat all over my body. There. I used to exercise every day, but stopped this week, ever since the weed. I have a very unhealthy diet, I eat lots of sugar, salt, fat, (junk food, pizza, burgers, donuts, basically everything that's bad for you.) I occassiionally try to eat "less unhealthily" a few times a week though, so it's not that bad, i imagine. But because of the weed, i've been craving really unhealthy food lately. I have a crappy metabolism. The reason why I used to exercise every day, is because i would steadily gain weight because of my eating habits. Because of my workouts, i've stayed at my weight for months. I also have a crappy metabolism because I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2007. I'm in remission right now though. So, i'm not sure if that was necessary information, just wanted to get it out there anyway. I'm also on a lot meds for my hyperthyroidism, allergies, and a rash I have (that I won't get into). Also don't know if that was relevant, but there it is.
    So, based on all of this info, what do you think about me passing a drug test?

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    You're good, no worries.
    Just drink as much water as humanly possible..
  3. It depends on the test, if it's a urine test then just workout a lot and drink a lot of water, you should pass. If they spring a hair test on you, you're fucked.
  4. Urine tests are pretty much standardized, immunoassay at 50ng/ml, and likely adulteration testing if it's sent to a lab. If you fail the immunoassay, gas chromatography at 15 ng/ml to confirm it.
    Sounds like your timeframes are sketchy. And be wary of advice to drink mass quantities of water, as that's likely to result in a negative dilute result, which will result in a demand to produce another test on short notice, usually within hours of notification.

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