would i look stupid with dreads?

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by docleary, Sep 28, 2010.

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    You'd look like 1/2 the dudes setting in the square in Arcata, Ca.,Humboldt Hippie style:D

    My hair's a lil' longer then yours, alot more gray:(:smoke:
  2. wook master:laughing:
  3. lol...
  4. eat lots o peanut butter and your hair will grow faster
  5. Don't do it. :D

    If you're set on change, go with something classy like the Devin Skullet or the Maynard Mohawk. :metal:



    If you're set on dreads... I'd grow it out a bunch more first.
  6. Dreads! Chick here, too. :)

    But it's entirely up to you. You can get dreads whenever, but dreads are hard to get out. Maybe wait on it.
  7. Just do it and who cares what the hell people think about you. why do you care what people think about you? its useless...
  8. Your hair looks pretty badass as is. Also, a lot of people may be saying go for it because having dreads kinda goes along with the whole 'stoner persona' thing. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but is that what you're trying to achieve? This likely doesn't apply to you, but, as unfair as it may sound, would an employer be more inclined to hire -- solely off looks-- the person with or without the dreaded hair? If you're gonna do it, just make sure you really want to, I've had semi long hair before and had to cut it after not liking the way the hair cutter person cut it; sucks to lose all that hair "progress." Lol.
  9. Me personally, I always thought dreads look dead, waxy, and dirty.
    It's kind of a turn off for me. Like I said I love your hair, it looks
    sexy on you the way it is. Mmm I love me some boys with beautiful
    hair. Hahah.
  10. Pick a style that will look good on both of you.


  11. I am a girl.. and I think you look pretty hot with your current hair, but I LOVE dreads, and you could totally pull that off too. I agree with alot of the people on here that you could probably wait a bit so they would start off longer, but if you started them now they would be badass once they get nice and thick/long. Either would look awesome on you!
  12. DUUUDE do it, your one of those people that CAN pull off dreads, unlike myself :/
  13. Just stop using conditioner and get a no-residue shampoo, that allows your hair to dread on its own. Also no combs.

    The neglect method is probably the best if you have patience, ive been doing that method for about a year and a half and my hairs dreading up pretty nicely.

    I personally dont like the backcomb method, cause if you get it done in a shop they charge fuckin hundreds and it requires more maintenance, and it looks like your getting electrocuted for as long as it takes for them to lock up.

    You got hair kinda like mine used to be except its blonde. I would go for it if I were you, and if anyone gives you shit for wearing dreads just know they are either ignorant or jealous on the inside :D
  14. Hippie man!

    And I guess not. People will most likely hate on you.

    You look good with that type of hair. (No homo)
  15. a was gonna get dreads a long time ago but forgot about it
  16. i think you'd look good with dreads...
  17. You wouldnt look Bad.

    But In my honest opinion, I dont like the look of people in dreads unless there black. Not a race issue thing, just the way i see it. White people with dreads look like barbarians. Lmao. Your hair is cool like it is bro. Dreads wouldnt be bad though, you have the hair for it lol.
  18. Only recently has it been implied that black people are the only ones that should have dreads.

    Vikings had dreads, Asian emporers, Cavemen, Indians etc etc

    Black peoples hair is naturally more curly/nappy so they can get dreadlocks a lot easier and quicker then every other race.
  19. I was going to make that point that black peoples hair out of every other kind would be the correct hair to be dreaded. Not saying straight hair cannot be dreaded. Just saying to me, it doesnt look good.

    Docleary, I found this pic. its what you will look like with dreads. If you like it go for it.


  20. AHahahah Thats just fuckin mean man...

    You pick a picture where the dude has no eyebrows lol

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