would i look stupid with dreads?

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  1. i need an honest answer, if i were to ask a friend they would tell me what i want to hear and if i ask my family, they'd say just shave it. but i've got long-ish hair (see pic) and was wondering if i would look decent with dreads. hair gets really frizzy if i don't condition it every 3rd shower. anyway, here's the picture:


    i'm the tall one in the pic :smoking:
  2. I think you would look great, always wanted to have dreads...just go for it!
    If you don't like it you can always shave it :|
  3. i couldn't shave - its taken two and a half years to get this back!
  4. man. i want dreads but my hairs taking sooooooooooooooo long. butya bro you're like the perfect speciment for dreads on a white guy.
  5. dude the hair you have right now is my dream hair, completely look like a stoner/hippy, I say keep the hair you got now IMO
  6. only way to get rid of dreads is to shave fyi.. but i think it would be fine on you, especially with the brownish blonde hair
  7. Shavings not the only way but it would save like a week of working out knots lol
  8. you can comb dreads out, its just painful (or so i hear).

    tokinbud420 - sure it looks alright when i brush it, but if i forget to brush it out of the shower or even before i go to bed (yeah, twice a day), its a mess.

    i appreciate the comments so far, but any females care to chime in on whether or not i'd look alright with dreads?
  9. I think you should wait. Grow it out a little longer and THEN dread it.
    Your hair is nice the way it is... I think people look funny with short dreads. Just my opinion, tho. If you do it now, they'll be like chin-length. They'll look too sick if they pass your shoulders!
  10. I think you'll look good, but to be sure post a pic when you get them.
  11. how long do you think that would be? i kinda want to get this underway lol!

    if i go through with it, i'll be sure to post up a pic in this thread.
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    Looks cool to me. :p
  13. Weeeell, since you said it took you 2.5 years to get to where you are nooow, I'm guesstimating it could take another 6 months to a year? :/ That's a long time! Hmm..
    You COULD start now... Your hair will still grow, lol.
    And you know they're not going to look the way you want them to for like..the first year.
    So during this time, your hair could grow into a good length for them. Shit.... I feel like I'm not making ANY sense.

    yeah, 2.5 years from bald.

    and what you said makes sense, i think i'll give it a try if i can find someone to help me along with the process.
  15. Just remember that wax is your enemy!
  16. And remember, if you have any indication of impending baldness/hair loss/thinning-do not dread. Unless you like having this look

    Dreading can accelerate hair loss, if you have that tendency.
  17. Man your hair looks great the way it is ;) not that dreads wouldnt look good tho


  18. OMG. lmaooooooo
  19. oh shit. how would i tell?
  20. Does baldness run in your family. :confused:Your mother's father would be the strongest indicator of incipient hair drop-age. And have someone check out the crown area, there and the temples is where it goes first (says old bald guy with pony tail)

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