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Would I feel any difference?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by herbalist560, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I was on a tolerance break for two weeks and i broke it last week and now im back to no smoking right now and its been a week should i keep on going up to a month or should I smoke up? I have a 1/4 of some dank calling my name right now. Its three in the morning and i hav nothing else to do...
  2. lol i've never taken a t break when i've had weed... it must be hard
    for me id toke up
  3. fuck dude this is so hard. Im already doing good right now but im sooo boredd.
  4. play some music and start reading somethin interesting on these forums haha next thing you know its 5 am
  5. jerk off, watch youtube vids, go hang out with friends that don't smoke weed.. my only advice sry
  6. smoke some FUCKING WEED!
  7. you people are horrible :b honestly if you want to enjoy your next high alot then dont do it. take a 15 day t break then come back more then 20 days will barely make a difference unless you go like 3 months. so just wait. you own the bud the bud doesnt own you. that or smoke a fat bowl :smoke:
  8. I would of smoked by now
  9. Roll up and smoke down
  10. jeez you guys are smoke fiends lol. always trying to make people break their t-breaks.
  11. It depends, do you want the difference of having a longer t break or is it worth It to smoke It. Everythings a decision man so just think about It and taking t breaks when you still have bud is a new one to me, good luck though :smoke:

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