Would I crash badly if I did this?

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  1. I plan on taking some adderall tomorrow morning around 8, (either 30 or 60 mgs XR, havent decided yet, recommendations appreciated)
    Well if I go out at around 7 - 8 pm and pop a xannie or two will I crash hard? I dont want to be tired as fuck as Ill be at the movies hanging out with some friends.
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    If you take a xanax bar it will help your crash. You will feel waaay better and not as strung out.

    30mg won't give you much of a crash either.

    I take it that you are new to stims?

  3. It wont make me tired as hell though?
  4. No. Your adderall is going to be way stronger..

    Have you taken either before? Or do you just not have much tolerance? Or..?

    Make sure to eat good and drink some OJ, it'll help make your crash a good bit better.
  5. Ive done xannies a couple times but have 0 tolerance. Never done adderall.
    Keep in mind Ill be doing the xanax 12 hours after I take the adderall.
  6. Just break a bar in half and take it, and take another every 20-30mins until you get where you want or you hit 2 bars.

    That should be fine for you.

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