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would i be safe smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mc9391, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. i just got some dank. im going to smoke it outta my one hitter in my room. im gonna hang out the window and smoke it. is there ANY possibility at all the smell will get back in?
  2. If you have a vent or another source for the wind to blow like under the door. Just barly light it and suck up all the smoke.
  3. Ur good brochacho
  4. i've done this a couple times with a bowl before and hung out my window like a giraffe it seemed to work. when i did a joint once though it reeked
  5. i use to put a blanket at the bottom of my door for two reasons 1. it helps keeping the smell in and 2. if u have a carpet it will slow the door from opening giving u more time to hide and think of a good excuse of why your room smells the way it does. your biggest threat is the smell even after your done make it a habit to use a certain air spray so your room has a consistent smell.
  6. You really want to CYA fix up a sploof. Toilet paper roll and dryer sheet. They are my friend (especially in hotel rooms).
  7. You'll probably be good. Just make sure the wind isn't going into your window.
  8. i did it. pretty much worked i think. smoked 2 one hitters, got likt 7 good ass hits off it. everyones asleep so im good i think anyways. im high as hell. chillin with netflix and drinkin mountain dew. i love marijuana.
  9. You can hide in case your mommy comes? Are you five years old?
  10. I take hits out of my bubbler in my room all the time, and it never smells like weed. Storing my weed makes my room smell more than the smoke.

  11. Woah there, chill out and smoke a bowl. :smoke: A lot of people on here probably still live with parents, myself included.
  12. Just respect your parents, godamn. I used to hide smoking but then I had a discussion with the parents and basically they told me it's alright if I smoke the herb but they said just dont do it at home or be high at home. I'm grateful they shelter me and feed me so why would I shove that back in their faces by smoking in THEIR house.

  13. Because theres nothing better than getting and being high in your own room.
  14. I'm gonna smoke a bowl, ok?!? :D I'm just sayin, Hide? I understand trying to be sneaky, but that's why you can go outside, sit in your car, or drive somewhere. It just sounded like a little kid. His mom would come in, smell weed, and find him hiding. Kinda pathetic. No 18+ year old would hide. Maybe I'm wrong
  15. I'm just saying I'd rather be sober in my own room and have my own room than get caught and get kicked out and no longer have a "own room".
  16. I don't have to worry about getting kicked out, so to me it's still worth it.
  17. Well if there is no risk of getting kicked out, then go for it, blaze one for me.
  18. I just have this mental picture of his mom knocking on the door, saying, "Honey?" Then him diving into his closet or under the bed while his mom comes in and gets a second hand high. "Johnny I'm gonna kill you! Smoking pot isn't as harmful to you as I am! Where are you hiding you little rat!"

  19. Haha, I wish I had a bowl to smoke -_______________- I'm dry, sad life of a stoner. And I wish I could go outside to smoke, I just don't want my parents to hear. But I don't smoke in my bedroom, because that's dumb. They could walk in on you. That's where the bathroom comes in :bongin: :D
  20. Nice strategy Yosh. Creepin through the house is the worst thing ever haha. But it's well worth it

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