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would i be annoying my dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drfish, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. yesterday, i texted my dealer asking him if he could hook me up or not. he ignored my texts so i called and he finally picked up but he told me he was dry. would asking him everyday or two if he re upped be annoying to him? he's unreliable so he'd probably be too lazy to tell people he's re upped which is why i want to keep asking him.
  2. ask him every second day or so, then he won't even care because thats regular lol you need your weed
  3. I just tell my dude to hit me up when he gets more.
    But he's totally reliable
  4. Just ask once a day or so. If he wants good business he won't be annoyed.
  5. tell him to hit you up when he gets more and then txt/call him like 3 days later ya know base it off how bothered you would be every day
  6. i just don't want to push it because he's my only connect
  7. just text him every two days or so. I know how those unreliable people can be.
  8. if he gets mad just say your sorry and explain that hes the only contact you have you can also ask if he might know another person you can buy from dealers are usually pretty chill if they just sell weed

  9. NEVER tell ur dealer he's ur only connect....good luck getting good prices or buds ever again lol
  10. I wouldn't tell him he's your only connect.

    Don't text, just call him in 2 days, and ask him again. Tell him you have $100 with his name on it and to give you a call when he picks up

    BTW, find some backup connects, they work great in these scenarios
  11. unless you and the guy are chill

  12. Yeah, my main dealer knows he's my 'go to guy' but he still always hooks me up with good deals.

    I'd say hit him up once a day, every other day, every day feels excessive to me.

    I'd spend more time trying to find another connect, just as a back-up/alternative.

    Also, smoking with your dealer gives him an incentive to get back to you faster. :cool:

  13. Same with me, but understand that 'go to guy' and ONLY CONNECT are two different things...the latter implies that u have zero other options lol
  14. don't annoy him dude..

    here's what you do.

    send him a text or call.. (whatever he prefers you do)

    and just tell him

    "i don't wanna keep bothering you. I'm always looking, so please when you re-up make sure you call me."

    give that a week.. ask him one more time and if he says no again, then chances are for whatever reason he doesn't want to do business with you.

  15. [quote name='"Xx420smokexX"']I just tell my dude to hit me up when he gets more.
    But he's totally reliable[/quote]

    I do the same thing, but usually they pick up the next day or the same night sometimes
  16. Well every dealers different but a good genuine dealer should be open to ANY questions or concerns about product.
  17. [quote name='"Jonisbamf"']

    I do the same thing, but usually they pick up the next day or the same night sometimes[/quote]

    Yeah my dude re ups like the day after he runs out cuz he sells all hours of the night.

    He hooks me and my cousin up fat too. Like, 1.5 grams.

    Sucks he only sells by the g. But I can go like 30 miles and get an o of dank for 180 :D
  18. Try to avoid texting your dealer more than once in a row when looking for weed, nobody wants to be harassed.

    Once a day is fine, just drop him a text, if he doesn't answer don't freak out just have some patience.

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