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Would I Be Able To Use This To Roll?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by ry4n_1337, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. I have seen multiple threads on rolling paper substitutes, but I have yet to see in-debt information about if I can roll with those little cheese separator papers. I have seen it, but not anyone going into detail.
    So, can I roll a joint with those little papers used to separate cheese? It looks thin, and no shiny finish (no plastic I'm assuming)
    And, please don't tell me to go to the store to get some papers because I am 19 and unemployed (sadly), and I'm repeating high school. I have no way of transportation to the closest gas station (20+ miles away in my country town), and even if I did get there I'm broke. I only get weed from my friend (we knew each other since we were 3), and I bought him weed when I was a freshman and sophomore. He's paying me back by getting me weed for the next two or three years. He only uses a bong, and I want to try joints for a change.
    So back to the question, can I use the cheese separator papers?

  2. Haha i was like wut when i read that and then i realized and that actually sounds really do able, but why not
  3. Lol. No cancer, right?
  4. Get a pipe or a job.  
    Third option: Just get him to buy you a pack of papers, duh.  A pack is like a dollar, so if he doesn't mind getting you weed purchasing a pack or two shouldn't be a problem.  Can't believe you haven't thought of this solution.  
  5. Are you retarded? This isn't what this thread is about. I'll probably ask him for some papers next week when he's back from vacation, but until then I need something to smoke with.
  6. That's either wax or parchment paper. Either way I wouldn't do that shit lol

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  7. Well
    I think its time to find out if anyone else has done this before and lived to tell
    No other way of finding out unless you know exactly what is done to the paper
    If that ends up not working then try making a homemade piece
    Waterbottles/fruits you know
  8. Make a water fall bong out of a bottle of water or make a gravity bong. You will get much higher than smoking weed with wax paper

    Trim Nazi
    Pretty harsh words for a fool who thought of smoking cheese paper, which is usually wax paper or something similar.  I'd think any sensible person could tell that smoking it is not a good idea, but for some reason you felt it necessary to ask us here on the internet.  
    Just use a makeshift pipe or bong to smoke, I'm sure there are items around your house that could be used.  This is not on topic of course, but if you're still thinking of rolling up with cheese papers you're beyond help.
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    Cheese paper may make you sick if you smoke it. Try bible pages. There is no gum on the paper so it will fall apart while you smoke and you will spill your weed. Super glue or elmer's glue will work just fine. You may get sick, but it will work.
    If the ink from the printed page make you sick, then try an empty toilet paper roll and tin foil or a socket. Good luck.
    Apple pipe.
    Knife hits.
  11. I like how you ask the guy if he's retarded for giving you the most logical solution. Basically, no... don't smoke cheese paper.
  12. nahh man i wouldnt want whatever coating is on that to be melting and infusing into my thanks. apple pipe or carrot steam roller.

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