Would growing in a freezer work?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by brenden, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. I was reading that if a plant is schoked (or really cold) it will begin to turn purple. So for good looks and maybe an even cooler color alteration could growing in a freezer at like 50 degrees at night while being lit up maybe do something cool to the buds
  2. No no no no no no.

    Do not stick your marijuana plant in a freezer ever under any circumstance, unless you want it to die.

    Tempature control is a big factor, plants need to be in somewhat humid climate, but deffiitely not under 50 degrees.

    Dont believe what people say all the time, espcially if its something they have never done or dont know anything about.
  3. I've never heard this before but shit, it sounds legit. It totally makes logical sense too.

    I actually just started a grow so let me know if it works for you because I'll do it too.
  4. Just let your temps get a little cooler, but not TOO cold.. add some extra fans, and crack open a window or something near your grow space when the lights go off, try to get it at a little above 60 degrees, for your last few weeks of flower, they should purple up. Thats what my boy did before, no guarantees though. be careful
  5. why not just wait till they're done and spray paint them?

    If it were me, i'd soak em in gas first.

    SupaK has it.

    do you want to kill your plants? initiate undue stress and risk hermies? ruin any yeild you possibly had? If you answered yes to any of those questions by all means put your plants in the freezer this second.
  6. I'm wondering if freezing a random plant would make it look like those Ice stains, or White Widow... :smoking:

    Man, don't cool your plants. Forchrissakeszomg don't do it.
  7. You would have made "Pot-sicles"
  8. I've also heard that if you put a plastic bag over a child's head that they will turn a really cool blue color. I've always wanted blue kids, regardless whether they are healthy or not, alive or dead....so, can I just put a bag over my child's head?

  9. Im not gonna lie though, I heard the same EXACT thing from someone once, this must be one of those urbn legends, probably the result of morons trying to think how weed turns purple.

    Although dude said "it will turn it purple, wont make it 'puprle' but will change the color", so at least we wasnt telling me it would make it kill lol.

    But yeah dude dont ever listen to anyone again about marijuana growing, you are now at the city.

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