would grasscity be shut down from this bill

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzI4hhUXb5k]NO SOPA: 'American Censorship Day' - YouTube[/ame]

    due to the il-legalization of marijuana
  2. How?

    First thing, the servers are not hosted in the States. Whether they could block your access, I don't know, but I would doubt it.

    Secondly, the law is referring to piracy and infringement of copyright law. This site doesn't support either of these activities; unless you'd class sharing youtube links as copyright infingement; that'd be the only way I could see them doing it.

    Thirdly, don't take this as an answer. I have only a very hazy understanding of that law, and other copyright issues. For all I know, they could; but I would doubt it...
  3. ^That's the problem with the law, it could go after any site where you could find for example, youtube links of songs, or clips from TV etc.

    Which is a LOT of websites, including this one.

    Obviously won't affect Europeans, but it sure will affect us in the US.
  4. It "could" block access to Americans but I doubt they will go after place's like this. It could be shut down if they use any American servers or proxies but I am sure GC is not stupid and has taken precautions if they were using American servers.
  5. Luckily the bill didn't pass. They'll probably reword some things and try again though.
  6. ^That is good to hear I was worried it was going to pass.
  7. Good thing there are still some real americans in there voting, and we haven't been over taken by socialism yet..
  8. the bill wud be uncostitutional if it banned this FREE SPEECH
  9. no the server is not inside us jurisdiction. the feds would just block us from accessing the site, and if it is accessed its a felony. stop the sopa bill while we have a chance.
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    My problem with this statement; generally Americans seem to view us Europeans as being a lot more liberal and socialist, and often seek to, if not attack outright this idea, then at least snicker at the prospect of socialism and some more left-wing policies. And to an extent, yes, more socialist ideas have been passed in Europe.

    However, I have yet to see any bills or proposals trying to kill people's rights to use the internet as they see fit emerging from any European parliaments.

    I mean call me daft, but why anyone would have faith in the same system that gave the world the Patriot Act, and this SOPA atrocity, is beyond me. :confused:
  11. This is recent America. I have faith in America because of our past accomplishments and the free-thinking people that have lived here and affected many lives. However that doesn't stop me from cursing the USA all the same.
  12. guessing you didn't even read the bill whatsoever
  13. holy shit no it wouldnt why the fuck does no one understand this bill? it amazes me.
  14. yeah well im fed up with the fat jokes, IM NOT FAT, im 160 at 5'11" distance runner build. i have never been fat in my life
  15. whats stopping them from doing it once this bill passes, the bill said no check, just put on the list and its gone.

  16. Yeah, if the website is hosting excessive amounts of copyrighted content. Our posts aren't copyrighted material and no company cares about GC

  17. Heard about the whole UK porn thing? Apparently you'll be automatically blocked from the sites unless you opt in at your internet service provider.

    Fucking stupid to be honest, do they know how many millions of porn sites there are? hahaha
  18. if anyone thinks any of these internet censorship bills are ever gonna get passed, they need to WAKE UP! I subscribe to a lot of petitions and websites that send things off to people in congress, etc.. etc.. and these types of bills are always overwhelmingly squashed...

  19. Maybe for now this is true, but it's probably coming in the future. 30 years ago no one would've thought we'd have something as constitutionally offensive as the PATRIOT act, but it happened. Point is, the bill is out there and will be introduced repeatedly until it gets enough support to pass.
  20. ... which it never will...

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