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Would GC buy this?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by RYEGRAIN, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hello blades,

    I know, first post.

    I ran across a craigs list listing about a 9mm US Tubes which looked incredibly nice. I'm thinking about going for it. Here it is.

    Is there anything I should look out for when buying something like this? Any advice before purchasing this type of glass?

    I really appreciate it GC.


  2. There are virtually zero bong sales on Craigslist in Minnesota, so I can't give you any advice there, but that's a nice beaker. I'd offer him $200 for it since it's 9mm (and US Tubes are truly 9mm). $250 seems a little steep, but I don't know what they run for retail...

    I might ask for some better pics of the showerhead diffuser to make sure it's in good condition, but that looks like a great daily driver or a great way to enter the world of scientific glass.
  3. Yeah, after browsing these boards for a little bit, I get a feel to what I should start with.

    Since this dude selling it is open to offers, I'll see how much I can wheel and deal.

    But 9mm pieces really do seem like timeless equipment that can take some wear.
  4. No percs basic piece, it is 9mm but only 15" I wouldn't pay over 175$ brand new from a headshop:p

  5. What's your go-to piece?

  6. image-3171279193.jpg

    17" honeycomb to showerhead, but I have a few others I like just as much
  7. where did you get that honeycomb to shower?
  8. My lhs.
  9. That shits dope brotha

    OP you should look into a Apix maybe for a cheap but good daily driver.

    The gridded stemline is under 150

    and king stemline is also under 2 bills

    or if you are into oregon glass I know of a reverse showerhead bubbler from a local place that ship and its only 89
  10. Thanks man I love it:)
  11. I've been considering a piece with functionality lately but the Dave Goldstein really has my eye for the category.

    As of now, I'm in the market for a solid simple piece with a diffuser and ice pinches. It seems pretty difficult to find a piece that has a thick tank joint which helps when cleaning next to a sink or any other accidents that haven't happened yet. Haha.
  12. A brand new one would run probably $300+ since it is 9mm thick and it s a quality company. So $200 is a steal IMO.
  13. Thats nice as hell, thanks for showing me!

    He's shipping it out next week for 250 :D

  14. Dope bro. Dope. I'd hit that up asap!!
  15. I'd post a milky vid but I'm in colorado for vacation
  16. All good. Thanks for sharing. Made my day. It like mota-vaded me lol.

  17. image-827137687.jpg



    glass porn just for you:)

  18. I can't tell if this is serious. Would be hilarious if true.

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