Would Daylight CFL's work

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ISmokeDaily, May 11, 2010.

  1. Would Daylight CFL's work just as good for flowering as warm white?

    Wondering if i should go buy new bulbs for flowering
  2. no, daylight bulb's are generaly 5000k to 6500k spectrum(blue)
    they need red spectrum more to flower than blue..
    3000k or 2700k would be high red spectrum and a warm white bulb..
    use warm whites 3000k or 2700k for all your flowering need's..use the daylight only for veg or as sup lighting in flower.

    hps= high red...2700k-3000k
    MH= high blue 4500k-6500k
  3. What he said...

    Change to the 2700K CFLs for flowering.

    It can be done with the daylight bulbs, but you'll get better results by switching t a more red spectrum bulb.

    For example, I grew some auto AK in my wife's aerogarden w/o ever changing the bulb and it did fine... However, the buds weren't as dense as those grown under the 2700K CFLs..

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