Would chopping up bee lasso and putting it in a blunt keep it even burning?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by KeepTheCycle, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Bee lasso is 100% safe and so is its smoke so why not? It has no real flavor and its made of hemp.
  2. People say its safe, i still wouldnt want extra smoke that does nothing going into my lungs though. Your call.
  3. roll better blunts to keep them even burning.
  4. Take a light very thin layer of honey down either inside of paper or outside except for last inch/roach. Then hold down in toaster of like a minute, til honey is bubbling and then let cool or hang in freezer for a minute. You'll have a shell around the blunt and it will burn slow and even as long as honey was spead thin.
    We have rolled three philles long like this before
  5. Seems legit.
    If it's as safe to smoke as you claim (100% is tolerably safe), I'd go for it..
  6. [quote name='"budsmokeronly2"']roll better blunts to keep them even burning.[/quote]

    ^ This
  7. lol, if your bluntz don't stay burning put more trees in there!! Reason i roll a blunt is it don't go out like a J. I smoke mostly out of glass
  8. Man that after-smoke that comes off of bee line once you kill the flame is enough to make me gag on the hit I just took. Don't know if I wouldn't want to stick a whole piece in a blunt.

    Blunts normally shouldn't even be affected by non-even burning with that cigar wrap. An plus, I'm not sure if the beeline will cherry along with the blunt. Seems like the tip of your blunt would burn like the olympic torch. Haha

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