Would be cartoon characters that get high.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tabou21, Apr 15, 2002.

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  1. think about it what cartoon characters look like they would be smokin if the censors would allow it?

    like shaggy from scooby doo.even the name scooby doo sounds like a name for weed.\"hey man hows the scooby doo?\"

    The smurfs ...you know poppa smurf has got that magic book.

    Droopy the dog.....\"you know what? im ....im ....im ...blazed\"

    thats just a few for now ill wait to see if i think of more...what do you think?
  2. Bugs bunny tokes you know it. And how about Goofy. And dont even forget the seven dwarves. DOPEY! =)

  3. I think everyone in southpark smokes the good stuff. And don\'t forget Homer Simpson..lol I bet he likes to munch

  4. Elma Fud

    Can we do puppets. Cos I would love to see kermit the frog or ELMO FROM SESAMIE STREET wasted. The cookie monster already is as we know- why else do you think he\'s always lookin for cookies- that\'s the munchies for ya!!!
  5. we all know now that homer tokes the ganj.
    and it\'s pretty obvious otto does too. oh, and mayor quimby.

    but what about marge? you think that marge toked it w/ homer back in the day? she does have that raspy voice that resembles one with cotton mouth... you think that if they ever get the kids to grow older that lisa will become a huge stoner based on the large amounts of stress her family causes her? bart probably will, like father like son.

    and are those really cigarettes marge\'s twin sisters have in their mouths?
    and how about the comic book store owner? he probably got that fat cuz of the munchies, and got into comic books while really REALLY stoned.

    sorry, i\'m supa-dork-really-stoned & a huge simpsons fan.

    and yeah, i agree with all of the above characters.

    i also think flower, the skunk from bambi may have, he\'s got those droopy eyes... and talks real slow and is really shy and always smiling. :)
  6. you know to how about snagglepuss the pink lion.you know the one where he always goes \"exit stage right even.\"

    or huckleberry hound.talk about slow....

    yogi bear? \"hey boo boo im going to get the picinic basket\"

    \"what about the ranger ,yogi?\"

    \"screw the ranger i got the munchies.\"

    as far as the simpsons ...prof fink could be working on a new type of weed.

    it would be funny if they did an episode homer shows up to work and lights up a bong. \"whos that man smoking on the job Smithers?\" \"why thats homewr simpson sir\"

    \"Simpson ay.He looks like hes good with a bong.i wonder if he could engineer the smoke stacks outside and pollute Springfield with the sweet ganja?\"

    more to come.......
  7. I have loved reading everything that everone has said on this threrd...cuz its so true. Eome you are right about cookie monster..man that made my side split.

  8. bambi probally smokes up thats why she cant walk that or cant lay off the bottle
  9. I donno maybe that \"spinach\" that Popeye sucks through his pipe isn\'t really the vegetable we think it is.
  10. What about Sleepy and Dopy of the seven dwarves? If not all 7 of them?!
    I agree, Popeye sure was enthusiastic about his \"spinach!\"

  11. popeye should be the mascot of weed.....
  12. You know that Willie E. Coyote SMoked after all those times not catching the road runner he has to go home and cure the pain look at his eyes when he comes back for break after crashing. oh ya...umm..Donald Duck, hes gotta come on now he can\'t even speak without stuttering. Almost forgot Porky.
    \"Pedepedepede that\'s all folks!
  13. bringing this up from the dead........ I think patrick from spongebob smokes like a chimney, now that i think about it bob probbley does too. You know that they have lil tight parties at the pineapple, where sally comes over, they all roll the blunts burn em up, sally (yeah that squirell) goes to the fridge and pulls out some krabbypatties from when they got off work and they all munch down......damn you gotta love cartoons
  14. tom & jerry and their little mouse friend DO smoke the reefer/ in one episode they all sit around a fire and toke on a peace pipe, jerrys\' eyes get all bloodshot, funny stuff but true!
  15. Peter from Family Guy smokes...in the potty training stewie episode...stewie says somethin about smokin doobies and watchin porn...Peter says \"Yaeh?\" and looks around shadily...oh and another episode he said he had to hide the stash...and then...actually! Homer said that in one episode...and marge said \"what?\" and he said \"wait...no...i dont have a stash\" (i htink it mighta been on both shoews...prolly...i dunno!

    anyone remember gumby? he had to have smoked it sticky green...his donkey too...and the blockheads

    anyone remember the muppets? Fozzy totally smoked pot! him and gonzo...

    (oh and sorry to point htis out...but its obvious shaggy and scooby were HUGE pot heads...i mean...you were first so you had ot bring it up...but i mean...come on (Harvey Birdman:Attourney at law did an epsidoe about them goin to court for being busted with pot, and the prosecturet had a bunch of evidence) oh and harvye birdman is on adult swim on cartoon network and anyway! WOO)

    ive been sayin this a lot today...sorry for the ramblingnesses!
  16. Bugs Bunny was a sly, crafty, witty dude. You know them carrots were hollowed out and stuffed with bud.

    Daffy Duck, on the other hand, is obviously a drinker, probably pretty heavy. Loudmouth, cocky, annoying, attention seeking.

    EDIT: 200th post! W00T!
  17. Fun thread....

    Don\'t forget Sideshow Bob & Krusty...you know they both toke-up big time....

    I\'m pretty sure Spiderman likes to burn it and you KNOW Batman loves the ganja...how else would he have come up with the whole costume, cave & dark theme...

    Speaking of Batman, most of the villians, esp. Joker burn it

    X-Men: Wolverine is a big-time toker..Storm & others too...

    Beetle Baily...why do you think he\'s always avoiding Sarge & looking to chill

    how about Dagwood? He\'s a closet-smoking Dad...lotsa munchies...tries to keep it together so he can blaze once in a while...

    LMAO....Too much Fun...
  18. Fog horn leg horn,i think i said that right,
    he must have smoked up,he studderd just about every word...lol


    Under dog had that pill that got him flying high.lol
    Snaggle puss was trippin
    Elmer fudd seemed baked with that laff hahahahahaha
  19. Scooby Doo and Shaggy are stoners who here has seen the Scooby Doo movie and it shows the van all smokey as fuck smoke pooring out the windows then shows scooby and shaggy cooking lunch you know it meant they where toking lol
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