Would a construction worker smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by withoutabong, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. The question is simple. There are several people outside my house and around the neighborhood working on projects to developing a new residential area, and I regularly see them, but they don't see me. Is it weird or would it be weird to talk to them about weed in anyway? Even ask for a hook-up through them?

    I personally feel sketched about doing it, but if others wouldn't or have previously done something like this then I would not feel as weird.
  2. yeah that's pretty sketchy

  3. ...start a small talk conversation with them, maybe ask them how long they'll be around your area....blah, blah, blah.....as the conversation ends, tell them that if they need to take a smoke break, your lungs are available, and laugh....see how they react. I've worked construction my whole life, and I smoke out a home owner once when he approached me with a similar story....worked on me....maybe you'll find a me. :D:wave:
  4. I work for my dads construction company, more then half the people that are on the job smoke right before our lunch break. It's really not as dangerous as everyone thinks it is to be working a construction site when your high, as long as you have self control and don't get stupid stoned.
  5. That's what I figured trichomefiend and ChillinonRoofs. I walk my dog about four times a day and notice the workers. They're friendly people, I can tell because they wave back. haha. It's also 105 everyday of the week, and I want to be the cool guy that smokes with them after their done and give them some water bottles, maybe. That would be the obvious, humanitarion decision.
  6. Might depend on the size of the company. A larger company most likely drug tests their employees. My mom works in the office of a fairly sized company and she gets random DTs.
  7. I'm in construction and yes lots of us do smoke. Lol majority of us do, but I'm in Canada. In fact our driver is a 74 year old man about to retire in a few months and he loves his ganja.
  8. Construction and getting high go together like dicks and pussies.
  9. Pssh yeah dude.
  10. around here, its more uncommon to find a construction worker who doesn't smoke... my friends stepdad owns his own construction company and is a pretty big stoner haha
  11. lots of em do
  12. Sounds sketchy
  13. I don't know about you but if I smoked before (or during) I went to work I would be way more cautious walking around on the roof.......my work rate would definitely slow down.
  14. 90% of people i know that do construction smoke alot of weed or they drink alot.
  15. I've been around a lot of constructions crews, and I would say 3 out of 10 (on average) probably smoke.
  16. awesome news... I could be the cool guy on the block. We have all these developmental homes flourishing around the area. Townhomes are being made by a bunch of mexis ( not all of them). I just wave whenever I passed walking my dog to initiate confrontation. haha.

    Maybe, I'll try bringing over a couple water bottles to start a conversation. These guys work countless hours during the heat streak in Texas...
  17. Sounds like a plan to me!
  18. Stay away from the no speaky mexicans.
    Look for the bigger structured white male with facial hair.(dirty construction looking).
  19. you may think they dont see you,,,

    they do,,,,,they just aint paying you no mind,,,,

    let your girlfriend walk out,,,,, wearing some tight shorts,,and a tank-top....

    and see how fast she's noticed,,,,:cool:
  20. Would they?
    They do, I know my uncle does because he's been in construction for so long it destroyed his body, he's a really funny, chill guy who loves art. His art is so bizarre it's amazing!

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