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Would A 60 Watt Bulb Be Okay For 1 Plant?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by nckdaman, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Im planning on growing it only in a foot by foot area. So i was wondering if 60 watts would be okay. I know its probably not recommended but would it possibly work?
  2. Hello, 60W is just simply not enough rule of thumb is 150W per plant, 50W per plant there after. Try grabbing a couple 26W CFLs & you should be good to go. GL!
  3. Agreed. You'll get something, but it will be very small with loose, tiny buds. Invest in twice as many watts as you already have and you'll be impressed for a very small down payment.
  4. Ppl keep saying that but if u used 3 or4 wud it work
  5. 60 watt incandescent or CFL?

    incandescent is going to kill it, CFL will keep it alive. May grow stretched or stop at 8-12 inchs or so though. Same with above posters, youll get almost nothing for harvest.

    Ive kept a plant alive for 3 months using a single 20 something watt CFL on a dresser for fun. About 4 inchs between nodes and only 10 inchs or so tall. It was also only in a 3x3 tiny pot. These things live through almost anything. Its just we want the bud, which requires extra effort :)
  6. So, I have one plant that I just brought inside bc it's cold out, and the 60w plant grow light I got seems to be makin the buds nice and bigger, they keep exploding into new buds...

    However, the lower leaves are yellowing and drooping. I will dbl the light and also make a foil light box (I have a mirror now to reflect back under the buds)...

    So I will let u know!!

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