Would A 6 Hour High Be Pleasant?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spunch, Jun 8, 2013.

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    If you were to be high for 6-10 hours would it be a good or bad thing? I heard the main reason people don't mess with edibles is because the high lasts to long, but I thought it was all about staying high and smoking errday? no offense

  2. weed is about being high all day everyday, you aren't a true smoker unless you cheef all day idgaf
    6-10 hours is a start 
  3. I was high for 6-10 years at one point.
    I think your good buudy! lol
  4. ya like that other guy said...6 hours....pshhhh...try 6 years.  i haven't really done that but w/e.
  5. Lol yea it would be enjoyable. I've been constantly high for years before and it was awesome. 
  6. Serious man? haha
    6 hours wont be pleasant if you have that mindset. You cant go in thinking negative shit. You'd survive
  7. if i got all my shit done and then had a 6 hour high...it'd be enjoyable.
  8. Hell ya, I would save a ton of money on bud. I've been smoking everyday for the past 2 1/2 - 3 years, and that's basically being high all day except for when I worked full time for a year and a half, cause I didn't smoke at work.
  9. If you want to give your reality a lift then go for it. 
  10. Like only having to smoke once and it would last 6 hours? That would be awesome and I'd save a lot of money on bud! :)

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  11. if weed lasted 6 hours it would be considered worse than heroin
  12. Lol wut? Have you struggled with addiction? The length of time of the high has nothing to do with it.
    And yeah OP i would find it pleasant. I mean I'm high for 6 hours or more from edibles.
    You mean like .. every hour of the day you are buzzing?
  14. I mean, yea pretty much. lol. My ex used to get pissed at me cause "your bong hits your lips everyday before your feet hit the floor!" It was during some rough times and I dont come close to smoking like that now but pretty much from 17ish to about 24ish i was high all day everyday. At one point my hookup asked me what i was pushing his bud for and i was like What? Im smkin that shit!!!! lmfao.
  15. edibles can already last a good six hours or more. what logic do you have there. lol 
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    Pleasant ... that would be fucking awesome man!  :metal:  :yay:
  17. i would love to be high for 6 hours, i have such a high tolerance now my high fades after only an hour or so ._.
  18. Like peeking? Because back when I first started I'd still have a decent buzz going 5-6 hours later. I'd love to be able to peak for that long but I'd rather things be the way they are. One thing I love about cannabis is I can smoke a blunt if I want to. Then shower eat some food and be to go to work or something in a few hours. And the only edibles I've done are firecrackers twice. And goddamn I probably was peaking for 4ish hours. But I'd hate if I got that high just from an average bowl.
  19. Really all depends on what I'm smokin'
  20. Yeeeeaaaah time definitely has nothing to do with it. I'm in recovery and even a 12-24 hour weed high would have never stopped the path I was heading down :/

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