would a 100w fluorescent light support one plant?

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  1. may be a rather dumb question... but i dont want a 400w hps if i'm only trying to grow one plant :)
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    Yes technically you could. The general rule is a 100w per plant. But CFLs are cheap so you could always supplement with some of those you know... CFL stands for Compact fluorescent lighting (I think) so when you say 100w fluorescent I think of those long fluorescent tubes like T5/T8/T12. With one of those the only problem I see is even light distribution. What type light is it you have exactly?
  3. You could in theory do one plant with that one 100W light but CFL's are so cheap and easy to use and move around it would be better to stuff a few more in the grow space to make your baby happy.

  4. Keep in mind that with CFLs they are marketed with something the manufacturers completely made up called "equivalent" watts. The "equivalent" watts mean nothing for growing MJ, go only by the actual watts. So, a CFL that is 23 actual watts but marketed as 100 "equivalent" watts is not, for purposes of growing MJ, a 100 watt bulb.
  5. Thank you! I was confused when i looked at the packaging when it said 100w equiv.. and it really only uses 23w, but could someone hook me up with a link for a good light for my specific setup? as in.. i'm only trying to grow one plant
  6. Home depot didn't have a good selection on lighting for indoors.. i'm gonna try Lowes today.. thanks
  7. I picked up this badboy at homedepot for $40. i have never used a finer growing light. cfls are the future. its a 65 watt flood lamp. dont sweat about not having a good plant because u are not wasting all of your electricity on heat from an hps...

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