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Wotta Week!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. As Unoit would say right here, HIGHall!

    Some week eh?

    Ever notice how a bad week can usually wind up with a defining moment to wrap the whole stinking mess in?

    Lemme tell ya bout it!

    I've spent the last few months watching a dipshit with a little authority, and a whole lot of money, (not his, the company's), and not a friggin clue what he's doing grasp at straws, piss in the wind, bark up the wrong tree, and blame everyone else for his problems! Usually I can leave my work there when I leave, but this asshole is giving me a complete stress workout. That's all I'm gonna say about him as it's the weekend and I'll not let him fuck that up too!

    Let's just leave it at;

    "It was one of those weeks when you kind of wished you were living in the back seat of your car again because life was sooo much easier."


    Friday night! YeeHaww! Get to party with some buds this weekend! Last of the ice storm wreckage is cut up and ready to burn! Came home, burned down, pigged out and kicked back to see what was up in the kids world. The Mrs. went down to feed the old horse. She radioed (yeah, them little 2-way radios are cool!) that she was smelling skunk real bad.

    She's had me come running with the gun 2 or 3 times claiming to have been attacked by skunks. I've yet to have an opportunity to fire a shot, so I did'nt get real excited. She said the dogs smelled like they might have got it. I told her to keep them out when they got home.

    When she arrived she wanted me to check Precious, the pasture dog, to see if she got it too because Rufus had been nailed, BIGTIME!

    Precious is still a little skiddish of men, (she was abused) so she always darts away from me if I make a move towards her. To counteract this, I call Rufus over and hug on him, then she'll come begging for attention.

    I made a move towards Precious and, as usual, she darted. I did NOT call Rufus over!

    But he came anyway.

    I yelled for him to GET AWAY!

    Which, of course, made him come closer.

    I finally got him to back off. I was just about to get close e'nuff to Precious to see if she got sprayed, when out of nowhere, Rufus gave me a big ol' head butt! Actually, it was more like a head and neck wipe on my face!

    And it was wet,

    and oily,

    and it smelled FRIGGIN BAD!

    Skunk juice on my face, my lips, my nose, my cheeks.......

    My mouth went numb!

    It took my breath, and then everytime I tried to breathe it would gag me! I ran in the house and washed my face, grabbed something to wash my mouth, and...oh yeah.....I let go of the pigout I mentioned earlier.

    Much scrubbing, and toothbrushing later I think I don't smell as bad as I did, although the youngest just said I smelled like roadkill!

    Oh well,

    IT's the weekend! And we's got the Daytona 500 this Sunday!

    All will be well!

    Hell! It's well now!

    I just wished it smelled a little better!


    Don't buy into the ol' theory about tomato juice taking out the skunk smell, it just makes you smell like skunk with tomato juice!
  2. Sorry, I had a week like yours and am too tired and hungover to come up with something smart to make fun of you.
  3. I agree, what a week! But I didn't get slammed with the skunk spray. :( In fact my week was made better by my boss, who let me leave early friday with pay.

    okie I hope you're smellin like roses by now(or at least not like roadkill haha), what a horrible way to end the week!

    At first I agree I thought you were going to say you went to investigate and found some random patch of chronic that made your day :) alas maybe next week~~
  4. aw man,weve been skunked! im not going to poke at you either...i even feel a little sorry for ya...would yu believe i made it til the age of 25 before i found out what a skunk REALLY smelled like? who the F knew? its certainly not what you smell in yer car driving past the shit on the road.

    friday nite partying with the boys?...hey, must be THE thing, where was your wife?...perhaps home? watching chillins??now say what you will...BUT I BET SHE WAS :D....hhhm ok it was ME, still bitter.

    ok, daytona will be cool im still thinking on this years driver...:) ill let ya'll know...he's gotta be cute,... drive a chevy. and it helps to be good. sooo who ever irritates my husband the most will be my driver.....should be fun
    have a nice raceday guys an you too stinky.
  5. LOL critter. Skunk smell.. to bad it wasn't some skunk weed!
  6. well..last week sucked for me..mostly just because of the speeding ticket..but this week is a lil better, ive got another part time job, and my grandma needs a lil help, so both of those together should get the ticket paid for this week:D

    sorry to hear about the spray...did you say the f word?

    i would have...alot.
  7. HIGH All, critters you did it to me again!!!!!!!!! Started to read it and I said I read this before and sure enough critter digs out another of the dusty posts of days gone by. *LOL*
  8. well..shit..i didnt even think to look at the date until i saw unoits post :S
  9. Always check the dates!
    Smokinokies usually have a longer expiration date for some reason.....LOL!
  10. jesus ur story confused the hell outta me

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