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    hey all i just thought i would write out this grow journal for my first indoor grow. i started this a day late and am currently on day 2 
    Amount of seeds:1 (fem)
    the statistics on Afghan Kush Ryder Feminised Autoflowering
    Seed bank: World of Seeds Feminized
    Type: Feminized Seeds
    \nFlowering Time Notes 45-55 days
    Cannabis Genetics Afghan Kush X (Afghan Kush X Ruderali
    THC Notes 22% - CBD: 1.2%
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds [​IMG]
    Sativa/Indica Notes Mainly indica
    Height Notes Less than 1.5 m indoor/ until 2 meters outdoor
    Yield Notes Over 400 gr per m2 indoor/ 500 600 gr per plant outdoors
    Thc level High : 15% +
    Flowering time AutoFlowering
    Indoor Yield 250 - 350 gr/m


    Read more: http://www.cannabis-seeds.co.uk/worldofseedsfeminized/afghan-kush-ryder-feminised-autoflowering.html#ixzz2TknRGn4Y
    Lights being Used: cfl 300w 
    Soil : BnQ multiPurpous  
    Nutes: tomato feed Npk ratio 5-12-36 (for use during flowering
    Decided to go with the auto as i only have around 3/3.5 ft of height room (from top of plant pot to light) 
    Day-1 Seed placed to germinate in wet wool sheeting.grow area prep'd and cleaned ready to be built. waiting on light though will be getting it soon 
    Day-2 nothing happening seed wise. grow area built and ready for growing. still waiting for the light still
    To be continued..

  2. Day-3. germination seems successful seed is about to shoot its root. still awaiting the light but will be getting it on day-5.
  3. day-4 Seed has Fully germinated and been tranplanted into its first pot and is currently sitting on my windowsill until light arrives tomorow 
  4. been a while since a update so here we are
    Day 15 (from seed)
    shes growing really well and is shooting of her fourth set of leafs and slowly groing some branches :)
    here are some pics

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  5. Im subbed in for the journey!! Best of luck. You know, for an auto at 15 days, kinda think it should be bigger???
  6. Maybe should be bigger for an auto but looks very healthy, subbed too, just germed an aito seed today so see if I can catch you up lol

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    Thanks i know i had the light really close (3-4'') and seems to have stunted it a bit but have moved the light higher and seems to be gaining some height faster. plus it is 15 days from seed being germinated to the picture. 
    But she is doing great now and is on day 18 and is also shooting a few branches 

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  8. For some reason pics have a hard time coming through, not just here but on many other threads. Oh well, maybe theyll show sometime.
    I noticed your using a 300w cfl. Is it 6500k? You didnt add that in your equipt. Summary. Just curious is all. Thats why i get frustrated with pics not loading good. Not being a smart ass and all, just because you mentioned the stunted growth.
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    they showing now i uploaded as a attachment instead of a link url. plus its 2700k (red) as a friend is letting me use it  as he wasn't using it.
  10. Ah yeah, cute lil booger isnt it!!
    Hmmm...it dies seem stunted. If you add a couole of 6509k daylight bulbs to your 2700k, and keep them about 4 inches away, they will explode in a day or three. Take a peek at my grow. Im sure its not the same strain, but mines 20 days from seed pop, 22 days from germination. Tried adding my link, cant get it. Just click my name and look for cfl box grow #2.
  11. well i had the bulb around 3-4'' above it and it just seemed to just bush out instead of growing height. so moved the light to around 10'' from top of plant and i done it on day 15 and it seemed to help it stretch out a bit. im planning on buying 2 or 3 bulbs next pay now to place more closer and things to the plant so then its also more light for when its flowering. and il take a look now :)
  12. Found ya grow man  :hello:  You are a dedicated fella to be cutting holes in your ceiling lol. I will watch with interest :p) The blue spec lights cfl's are like 8(ish) quid on e bay ALSO (and it's ur decision to do this mush depending on ur electrical confidence) you dont need a holder for em cos you can wire them direct. There are no exposed electricals and it's safe to do. I can show you pics and explain if you would like me to.
  13. indeed i am lol its above a cupboard and i blocked below it of so its not visible :) well i know how to wire them up as i done it for a friend thanks for the offer tho :) i know i been pricing them up :) and im planning on getting 22bayonett as i got loads of spare sockets from when i was doing a friends :) 
  14. Do they look like this ? 
    light 1.jpg light.jpg
  15. no bayonett is the same fitting as normal house bulbs :) 
  16. Any in the right spectrum? sweet. I could only find these ones BUT as you can see they are easy to adapt P:)
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    yeah i just type in b22 cfl grow light :) and indeed they do seem to be lmao :D
  18. I meant and in the right spectrum man not any. Sorry lol I wasnt doubting you.
  19. lol when i said indeed they seem to be iit was in response to when you said they are easy to adapt :) . and no need for sorrys lol :D
    whilst im here il do a update :)
    Day 19
    seems to have grown a little in height and size of leafs give her a water yesterday and came to see her loving life in the light :D lmao 
    heres some pics

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  20. Looking good man ! 

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