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Worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WizKhalifaRocks, May 11, 2011.

  1. Paying my friend 50$ and hes gonna get a quarter of good dank then make brownies is it worth that i give him 40-50$ then we will split the batch he is using 50$ of his own then
    my money is it worth it????? haha
  2. Depends on whether it's actually dank and what prices are like where you are.

    Or even whether those are American dollars or what.

    How the fuck should we know?

    And are you saying you fronted? I hope your friend is trustworthy.
  3. Make sure he's a good friend. I wouldn't front unless he's extremlely trustable. But yes, the brownies will be a different experience you might like. Try it and find out.
  4. For a quarter of good dank its 110$ and I am going to give him money thursday then he will give me them friday and hes trustworthy!
  5. I have never tried brownies thats why I wanna haha!
  6. ...Fucking Wiz fans.

    A quarter of dank is not $110.

    He's not going to use dank. He will use $20 of that to buy a quad of mersh, keep 30 bucks, and also get half the brownies. They will prob get you high tho.

    Good luck getting ripped off.
  7. don't waste dank on brownies, like Kronikkk said, he's goin to get some reggie. And I personally wouldn't want anybody to make my brownies except for me, kind of a fun experiment to see how fucked up you can get off your own brownies.
  8. Actually the guy that sells the dank sells it cheap because he grows alot and we have known him for like 8 years before he sold haha. So thats why hes giving so cheap.
  9. That is no wheres cheap. If I had to pay even over 10$ a gram I probably wouldn't even be smoking that much. But it all comes down to where you reside.
  10. Yepp prices vary dude, LOW for dank round here is fucking 120-140$, shits like 20-25$/J...
  11. for a quarter*

  12. Yeah thats what I pay. I personally would rather smoke it. I've had weed cake one time and it didnt do that much to me.

  13. lol'd at 110$ a q being a hook up to a grower you have known for 8 years.

    also, edibles are cool but i prefer smoking. takes to long to get hit with the edibles, i like to take a rip and feel it right away.
  14. Fuck you.

    How would you know?

    It's his friend...

    Quit being an asshole?
  15. My personal opinion is that you shouldn't be cooking with dank, but it's up to you. Edibles are kinda fun though, and I'm working on making some with dank right now, but after feeling the high I get from the edibles, I kinda wish I had just smoked it.
  16. Damn, OP already got banned.

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