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worth it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokerator, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. well im thinking about smoking cannabis for the very first time.what do i expect?will this mess up my future?i plan on joining the military and then becoming a cop.will this mess that up?I NEED SOME PRO-CON ADVICE.non bias.:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  2. will it ruin your future no only you can ruin your future...weed will not take over your life unless you let long as you dont get busted your futre as a cop and military will be there..your head will feel like its being squeezed a lil pressure kinda like a headache, but it isnt a painful type thing its more just like you went deep into the ocean..yes everything does appear slower but it is not like they act in movies just remember your stoned and that everything is normal, expect to be paranoid that way you have an idea of what you can do to calm yourself smoke in a comfortable environment possibly with mature experienced friends..dont be scared to ask how to use your device with cornering and clearing hits if a bong..dont be scared to ask them what to expect also they probably can describe it better in person..dont be nervous
  3. thanks man you really help
  4. ahh no prob, also look up information about pot, just like you shouldnt take a test without studying you shouldnt take a drug without knowing what your taking
  5. i've heard of many cops being "fuckups" as teens and it didnt interfere with them becoming cops. if anything it helps them be more street smart. weed won't fuck up your life man, unless you see it in that light, then yes, it could. does that make sense?
  6. weed will only fuck up your life if you choose to let it

    just don't get caught and you'll be chillin
    it will actually enrich your life if you ask me.
  7. Lol I was going to say pretty much the same thing
  8. #8 rudolph, Feb 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2009
    First time I smoked was out of a bong. I played beer pong before hand and took a few hits. I was fucking rolling all over the place. I had so much fucking fun that night.

    The next day I took a hit from a blunt. I was not ready for that. I understood why he called it fire. Holy shit dude. It burned so fucking badly. I coughed hella hard and I think I through up a little LOL. But a few minutes went by, I took another hit and got high and proceeded to get high as fuck...

    It's awesome. Go for it.

    Oh yeah, I'm in the military. I can't smoke anymore, so I do acid and shroom instead, but no one will turn you down if you've smoked a few times in your life.

    As long as you've gone a year before applying to be cop, you'll be fine.
  9. thanks everyone you all have been a gret help.
  10. i made a pros list tell me what yall think.

    1.cures and prevents some diseases
    2.sell left overs and get good cash
    3.make skinny people eat
    4.make you lazy so you cant get hurt while high

    i didnt wanna figure the very few cons.
  11. Con: It's illegal

  12. let me guess your one of the anti cannabis people
  13. ONE MORE QUESTION:does smoking marijuana with guns (IN a safe of course(locked)) make you go completeley retarded and do stupid things?i mean will i have control over the things i do.considering i have lots of guns around i dont wanna act like an idiot with guns and end up killing people.
  14. LOL, did you just watch that above the influence commercial? hahahahhahahahahahahhaha
  15. dude theres like 1000 of those so i have no idea which one your talking about
  16. that one that was a couple years ago.

    it was 2 kids smoking a j. and then 1 kid finds a gun and says hey imma check if its loaded. and then shoots himself like a fuckin retard.
  17. lol you can't be serious are you really 18?
  18. lolwut, weed is not gonna make you shoot anybody.
  19. Some of the worlds most important people have smoked, Barack obama. Yes sir, And dont forget bill clinton. There are so many people in the world that have suceeded beyond people who have been clean there whole life. Just stick to weed, Dont get busted, And of course dont drop out or anything like that, Marijuana does not make you a deadbeat, Thats just a horrible stereotype for cannabis smokers. Ha smoking with a gun, Marijuana doesnt blow your mind the first couple times. Marijuana relax's you and makes you more comfortable in your surrounds, It increases your bodies senses ETC Smell and taste. Just relax take a deep breath in and let your mind flow, You still have common sense and control of your body so dont worry about it so much, Hope mary jane welcomes you in to her amazing world.
  20. I'm confused.

    You either don't understand what the word con means, or you don't know what the word anti is.

    Or you're just a troll.

    I think you're just a troll.

    I said the CON of marijuana is that it's illegal. That's a bad thing.


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