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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by livin_large609, May 24, 2003.

  1. Hey just bought this today, I never really got into shrooms but i wanna try it tonight. Is this worth 20$ canadian. Its suposed to be potent. They were in my pocket so their abit wrinkled.

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  2. omg, you lucky bastard!!!! im trying to get a half oz of shrooms tonight, ive never done them either! tryin to get them for my bday tonight...... how much does it weigh out to? have fun, damn!

  3. Well it should weight out to an eighth of an ounce but the kid went an sold half a gram of mush before he came to me and he just gave me this in the bag, im hoping it was weighed. I could probably get more better stuff but i needed it by tonight and stashes are low right now.
  4. I've never done shrooms. Do you just eat them including the stems? How do they taste and how do you feel afterwards?
  5. Ya you eat the stems and caps, and ive heard they taste pretty damn horrible. too much to describe what the trip is like... www.erowid.org/experiences should help you out there

  6. OMFG are they good.Ive done shrooms and wow the trip is the best.I had a hell of trip when i ate 1/8 of good ass shrooms.Ya man they do taste bad like dirt but just chew on them for a sec or two then drink a coke or something.Have fun i think im getting shrooms tonight.

  7. looks like an eigth to me......happy trippen.... :)
  8. Dont drink coke with them, either drink orange juice or water. psilocyben is water soluble so drinking a glass of water right after eating then will help the psilocyben get to you faster.

  9. haha hell yea its worth it.... those look pretty potent to me!!! have fun trippin....
  10. I just did that shit and fuck man, those baby are sweet. Slurpy(slush)are fukin good to drink with shroom man i hardly tasted shit. Doin a shitload next weekend.

    peace out
  11. DUDE SHROOOOMIES ARE SOOOOOO GEWD, werd. Weed and Shrooms are the best.....and don't forget to walk around outside while on Shroomies, you see the Koolest stuff EVER!! no joke its great, They be shroomies everywhere here...YAY
    [^_^] after shroomies [*_*]
  12. are shrooms better than acid? i heard that they are pretty similar but whats the diff between the trip on shrooms and acid, ive done acid once and dont wanna do it again but ive never done shrooms.
  13. totally differnent in my book.....

    acid gives you strong sometimes overpowering visulas..... where mushrooms are more subtle with the visuals ....... not hallucination as much, but your surrondings are completly diff, its a slightly diff kinda tripp......

    with acid anything else you do is totally overcome by the acid.....
  14. ive done acid many times and by far shrooms are better. Shrooms give you a body trip more then a visual trip. And yes all your surrounding are different while on shrroms :D
  15. ive done shrooms once and some people say they taste like pumpkin seeds. if u eat them in chocolate like i do it just tastes like candy.
  16. i ate a few straight, tasted like nothing at all, but they went down faster in a burger

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