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Worth it to try even?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by cowofsteel, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. I was planning on growing this year. But since i have to start indoors and than finish outdoors im not sure if its even worth it. I have 4 floursent light that are all gro-lux... i only plan on growing indoors for a short amount of time, since they have to be outdoors before they look undoubltly like pot. When is this? Also i heard i need to keep a fan on them as so they dont get knocked down in the winds? And will the four lights i have be enough? ANY info you have would be useful. I'm growing in WI and hopefully when i move outdoors in 5 gallon bukets. One more thing, would jiffy pots be a good thing to start the plants in? Thanks for any help you may provide.
  2. they start to look like marijuana in like 1-4 weeks.
  3. lol they look liek pot when they break the soil if ya know whwta ya lookin of rlokl jus make sure no one around knows what the hell it is but lol when t get up around 2 inches itll definitly have two little leaves thaltl give it away
  4. Okay well, im sure i can hide it for a while at least. anyone got any tips on indoor-outdoor? Thanks for all the replys so far
  5. not time yet

    u can germ them in about a week :)

    i want the first set of fake leaves to be out on apr 15th.

    clones and hardy plants go out may 15th...(20th in ur part of wisc)

    u dont want them TOO big...or they kinda freak out in the 12/12 sun they are getting then
  6. okay good because thats when i was planning on germing anyway. any other advice?

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