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Worth it to smoke resin?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Withmy89vision, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I haven't done it in years so I don't even remember what it is like, but I have been dry for like a week now because my dude got busted and I can't sleep at all. I imagine smoking tar is horrible for you.

    Its a bit nasty but will give you a buzz. can be real good if you only smoke the killer in the piece.
  3. smoke it up smokin on roaches atm till my plants are old enough
  4. it still gets me pretty fucking high, especially if i smoke a decent amount.
    and im a very heavy smoker
  5. Yeah I haven't smoked mids in a long time. They are surprisingly hard to find in Memphis, which I'm not complaining about. My problem is I need to find a new dude, but I have no connects. When I lived in Pittsburgh, you could go to the park and find some hippies. Down here it's more dangerous to do that. 
  6. move too cali...
    If I could move, I'd move to Colorado. But I gotta wait until my wife finishes school
  8. second best choice.
    Her job allows her to transfer to these 3 states: Colorado, Ohio, Virginia. Since she is the main bread winner, and after she gets her bachelor's she'll get a promotion, then out of those 3 states it is obvious which one to pick
  10. Well to answer my own question, it was worth it. It tasted kind of funky and of course isn't as good as the real thing, but I can finally stop pacing back and forth and try to sleep. I have so many damned issues that marijuana is the solution for, that I know I'll never be able to quit. That's why I'm really hoping this medical bill in Tennessee goes forward. Between my epilepsy, insomnia, severe migraines and the resulting lethargy, lack of appetite and depression that results as side effects from my medications, weed would help a lot. That is six issues that I struggle with, that pot magically cures.
  11. yea fuck cali. im over here. cops are fucken the biggest dicks. at least LAPD is. its super expensive. if i had a chpice wherew to go nd wasnt born here it wud be colorado. there aint really much to do theree like places to go but there isnt her either

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