Worth it to fix roor??

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  1. Iight so i went to my local headshop and they said theyll fix it for 50 bucks and could even make the glass a little thicker. its a 18 inch roor white label. heres a pic of were it broke. diffusser and all that is still in good condition. (sorry if its bad quality phone cameras arnt the best)[​IMG]
  2. I wouldn't bother unless you had any real sentimental attachment to it.
    Also, not to be a downer but I'm pretty positive it's a fake...
  3. dude 50 bucks isnt bad at all, i have to pay 80 to get my perc reblown that i didnt even break,
  4. idk i was a lil suspiscous when it broke as roors are suually durable but it has the 3 ice catcher and all any other ways to tell if its real?
  5. The pinches on the ice catcher are supposed to straddle the joint, whereas yours has one directly over it. The sig also looks pretty suspicious.
  6. well thats disappointing. guess it would be worth it to just get a new piece. any suggestions?
  7. an other roor or ehle is ncie too
  8. i'd get it fixed and reinforced if possible, otherwise its just a waste right?

    Btw.. How did it brake?
  9. check ssfg on etsy i think he will fix joints for 5-15 dollars plus shipping if the roor is fake dont bother just get a sheldon black or a us tubes
  10. spun around with back pack on knocked it off the chair landed right on that and it broke. fml
  11. well i dont own any roors so i didnt realize it may have been fake, but i guess yeah if its fake, fuck it buy a new one, or a better tube forget roor, that just imo
  12. It's a fake tube... but $50 is as cheap as a joint repair is gonna get. But then again... being a fake its even less likely that it will live through the repair process. I say no.
  13. how much would it cost for a foot roor? i dont know any legit sites.

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