worste experience with the police Ive ever had ( my story)

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  1. So a while back I was smoking a bowl with my friend in a smoke spot in downtown eugene Oregon that a lot of people use to chill and toke at until they heard what happened to me there.

    So I was 17 at the time, my friend and I walked down to the smoke spot to toke it up. We had just started smoking the second bowl when a cop approached us. She told us that She saw me hit the pipe and that I needed to give it to her. I was stupid at the time and also pretty stoned so I tried to denie it because hey it was worth a shot. She let my friend leave because she wasn't the one who she thought was smoking. The cop kept insisting she saw me hit the pipe so I stood up and was litterly about to hand her the pipe and out of the blue she tackled me! Now im a pretty small girl I only weigh 115 pounds and I'm 5'5 she was about 6 feet tall and probly weighed 50 pounds more than me. She kept hitting and kicking me when I was on the ground and I told her numerous times I would cooperate but "apparently" she didn't hear me. She hurt me pretty bad and took my weed and my most beautiful pipe I ever owned. I called it northern lights because it was so beautiful. She then handcuffed me and called 5 or 6 other cops over just for a teenage girl smoking a bowl. They through me in the jail van and had my parents pick me up from the police station. Overall it was a pretty unfair and traumatizing situation.

    Police brutality am I right?
  2. I wish I could go back in time and press charges agaisnt that bitch cop
  3. GC is infested with trolls
  4. fuck the popo biggest gang in america, they got some kinda of group of secret organization ina organization that works with local and big gags
  5. I'm not trying to troll. This is what happened to me it's crazy yes but it's 100 percent true
  6. i beleive it, seems like popo like to target poor individuals so they know they cant afford a good lawayer and get sued up the ass
  7. Seriously man. It's like the cops enjoy inflicting pain on peaceful hippies like myself.
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    We are talking about Oregon. If you said Alabama or Texas it would be more believable.
    Also, why would a cop assault a minor? Especially in such a violent way? There would be blood, marks, bruises, etc. Maybe even broken ribs.
    The cop would know that once you arrived at the station in such a condition that you would be evaluated for serious injuries, and a detailed report would be filled out about how you received those injuries.
    It's also convenient your friend was let go by the cop, so she didn't witness the assault..but where did she go? She just left you there alone with the cop?
    The only way this happened was if you were resisting arrest, fighting back, or trying to get away. If you did any of those, then yes, this could have definitely happened, and it would have been justified in court.
  9. oh and just a heads up, cops dont listen to you when you say your not resisting, they have so power tripping got butt raped in school symdrome and will beat you up, even if you comply.
    And i you dont comply, then you get assualting officer, fucked amiright
  10. I did have a lot of bruises. I had a very unsuportive mom who would not help me press charges and the cop denied attacking me when I told my mother what happen. I was just as surprised as you because Eugene is a town full of pot heads and usually the cops just right you a ticket maybe arrest you in an nonviolent way. But this cop was pro anti marijuana and obviously had a lot of hatred in her heart. I made a complaint to her superviser and she told him I tried to run which was extremely un true. Unless she considers standing up to hand her the pipe running. The police system is corrupt
    What about your friend leaving you alone with the cop?
  12. newsflash:until you sue or press chrages copsp will do what the fuck they want
  13. She saw part of it when the cop left but I didn't have the money to get a lawyer and press charges. And the cops refused to believe me
  14. I mean she saw part of it when she was leaving but not the entire thing
  15. my expereicne with the police is they never helpe they just make things worse
  16. They should be spending their time actually protecting the community against violent criminals not peaceful stoners who only want love and peace in this world

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