Worst ( wound, injury, disease, worst pain) of your life

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  1. Ulcers in my stomach.
  2. Slight gross out here, but who am I not to share with you?

    Another one I thought of, I had a boil thing (like a cyst but bigger and more fucked up) on my tailbone. Grew in that small kind've gap thing above my ass.
    This probably happened because I was at a job where a lot of sitting was involved at the time - My lower back got so sore before I realised what it was.

    Then one day while taking a shit, I just pressed the area and I found it.
    In that indentation bit, it was like a pimple but very large and felt soft almost like a huge blister - The whole like 4-5 inches around it on my lower back really wrecked, it was like the feeling you'd get from pushing on a bruise, but way worse.

    I was embarrassed to go to the doctor about it, so after wiping my ass and having a shower, I sat back down and I nicked it with a sterile scalpel.
    Near instant relief, because this thing like VENTED it was so pressurised, but damn...so much built up, garbage smelling goop flew outta this thing onto my hand from this tiny little cut I made.
    I looked at my hand, and sitting allover that and the scalpel was what looked like about 3 tablespoons worth of pus, brown muck and blood.
    It smelt so rank it actually damn near made me throw up...like, I can't even describe it, this stuff would make rotting meat smell good.

    So I realised this stuff had built up in my lower back, I cut right across the boil itself (more goop) then pressed the area around it and just more and more of this nasty shit just oozed out of it...I swear, The area went down like a centimetre, and the flow went on for like 10 minutes. At the end it was coming out with like really grisly shit that was like thickened blood turned brown.

    I suppose I'm pretty stuborn when it comes to going to doctors, eh?
    Should have probably got it checked out by then, but I was really convinced it was just lower back pain until I investigated.

    So anyway, I did some reading and I found out what the deal was...and one more thing needed to be done (usually by a doctor, but hey), the "core" needed to come out.
    So yeah basically that involved me heading back into the bathroom and poking around inside the open wound with some tweezers. THAT hurt. Eventually I felt something that was out of place, like a tiny little bump maybe an eighth of the size of a pea. It was like touching a nerve in a tooth...this instant stinging burning pain...but, I just went at it.
    Blood started coming out from behind it, then it like hit my hand, this little dark red blood clot looking thing...the thing free-bled like a motherfucker though, like it was stuck there pretty good, but I'd say I got rid of it pretty well.

    Another painful thing was, when I realised I basically had this big crater above my ass that was likely to get infected.
    Well...yeah, I had some hospital grade disinfectant there in the bathroom, and just poured it in. That was maybe the most instantly painful part of the whole process, but it thankfully didn't last too long.
    Then, I poured more of it all over a bandage and stuffed that into my new ass-hole.

    Changing the bandages? More pain and stink.
    But, the swelling eventually went down, nothing got any more than minor infection that settled too...and now I have only a small scar that I can feel in my tailbone gap to show for it.
    But yeah seriously, between the discomfort, the pain, and the smell...probably one of the worst overall experiences.

    I have to say though, since then I have always wished I would get another boil, just maybe someplace more manageable like on my arm - so that I can do the same over and make a fucked up youtube video of me self surgery'ing it.
    Maybe one day...
  3. Man that wound digging puss filled story almost made be sick. Fucking hell dude, fucking hell.
  4. for awhile there i actually thought u said online instead of inline.
  5. My worst was falling on my longboard when I was 16. I was bombing a hill trying to show off and I had to stop but was going far to fast. I hit a rock and fell straight onto pavement. Concussion and the whole outside of my right arm was raw, I have a really good scar from that one. The scab sucked I could barely bend my arm for about a month.
  6. my first was I was young and ran head first into my refrigerator and when I was bleeding from my head I said " am I dead yet."
  7. Broke my right ankle and hyper extended my knee simultaneously while jumping into a pond from a high rock. Fucked up a bunch of tendons and my ankle never healed properly. Was stuck in a wheelchair for about six months and had to do a bunch of physical therapy. My ankle never healed quite properly and doesn't really hold my weight too well after a long time on my feet. My knee clicks whenever I stand and aches occasionally.

    I don't really remember a whole lot from when it happened because I blacked out.
  8. cased a triple and broke my femur in three places......worst pain ever....i wish i would have been knocked out....saw my thigh literally change color
  9. broke my collar bone in half, and about 2 weeks into healing i fell on the ice and caught myself with my broken collar bone arm... hurt pretty bad knowing two bones scraping together D:
  10. when I was 2 my rotty bit my dick, a nice clean bite too.
    I swear it made it bigger
  11. I had an allergic reaction that was all over my face, I couldn't see out of my eyes barely and there was globby puss filled sores all over my face. It spread onto my dick too and it was all swollen and damn.. bad times. I rested with ice packs on my face and I had to go to the er and It didn't go away for weeks. Embarrassing.
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    falling off my motorbike when I was 13-14, scraping 75% of the skin off my knee down to the fat or something
    slipping off a bleacher then landing forehead first on the lower step of it.
    breaking my knuckles from punching some kid (lol)
    dont really remember this one but I was at my dads work when I was about 6-7 and one of his coworkers had a foam football and he threw it and i ran to catch it and went head first into a steel corner of the wall running full speed
    oh and someone jogged my memory i also broke my coccyx lol fucking hockey
  13. Lots of painful memories. Some being surgeries and having stiches removed and being prodded with needles. When I fell out of a large vehicle backwards and fell right on the back of my head. That was my tenth birthday and now there is still a huge depression in my skull. Or the times I accedently cut to deep from sheer rage but never got stitches I am terrified of needles. Oh and another time where my foot got caught under my horses hoof and the horse would not move off me even when asked. So to free myself I twisted back and forth hard hurt like hell now there is a perminate bruise scar thing on my foot and hurts when put under sharp pressure.

    Haha injuries....
  14. im not a doctor but id have to say that that isnt normal
  15. i got a collapsed lung in a pool hall once. it was very painful and highly terrifying. it felt like i was having a heart attack, at least from what i've heard a heart attack feels like. it got me a chill ass week in the hospital, an awesome morphine drip, and a pity fuck from my ex so the pain was very much worth it.
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    Giving birth and all the contractions leading up to it.

    When I was young I went through a flip flop faze and I was running in them a few times and I kept rolling my foot. I fucked up the bone that holds up the arches in my feet. I had to wear a walking cast and go to physical therapy. Plus I have to wear shoes with good arches or wear arch supports for the rest of my life. I hated wearing arch supports when I was younger so now my feet are almost flat and my knees hurt sometimes. Now I wear my arch supports and try to exercise my feet every night, but my arches still hurt. If they get completely flat I'm going to need knee surgery.:(

    About 4 or 5 months ago I dropped this really heavy glass plate on my big toe on my right foot. It fell so the edge hit right under the joint. It was swollen for like 4 days, it even bled when it happened and now I have a lump in my toe right under the joint. It was weird though because right after it happened it hurt for literally like 30 seconds and then it didn't hurt at all anymore. I can't bend my toe very much, in fact if I accidently bend it all the way down when I'm walking it hurts like a bitch. Oh and for some reason it twitches every night after I smoke now. .... I really need to go get it checked out lol.

    When I was younger I had asthma. Once when I was 3 I had a really bad asthma attack and I had to go to the hospital. When I got there they said I was only getting 30% oxygen. It was pretty damn scary and a close one, if my parents had waited to take me I would have died. At the hospital they gave me a breathing treatment and kept me in there for a few days. AND while I was in there they took so much blood from one of my fingers that I now I have a permanent scar.
  17. Broke my femur and dislocated my patella when I was 14. I'd grown like 3-4 inches in about a year and didn't have the muscles to support a 6'2 frame.:D

    Still have the scar and 3 screws in my left knee, they ache every once in a while, usually when im snowboarding or running down a hill on a sharp gradient, other than that never bothers me. You can feel the screws if you feel around the side of my knee though.
  18. I wanna like this because that's badass, but I would feel like a dick liking a post about someone getting shot.

    Anyway, the worst injury I've ever had was an elbow dislocation. So me and some buddies were playing football in an open field. I had just caught a pass, and my buddy tried to tackle me. I put my hand down to keep my balance and hopefully pick up some more yards. Well someone comes flying in and hits my arm right at the elbow. That popped my arm right out of the socket. It hurt but it wasn't that bad. I took a minute or two to get myself together clenched my teeth and popped it back in place myself. I couldn't really use the arm for a week, but that's about it. No permanent harm done.

  19. what trick? I shattered my left elbow the exact opposite way an elbow is supposed to bend haha. Kickflipping a loading dock, landed primo
  20. Burned my arm when i was a kid, and sliced my finger open down to the bone.

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