Worst ( wound, injury, disease, worst pain) of your life

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  1. Fuck all that. I've broken 28 bones skateboarding. Pretty painful. But kidney stones are the worst pain I've ever had. Flank pain when they're in your kidney and pissing them out. Sucks so bad
  2. well, one time i burnt the roof of my mouth with a hot pocket...
  3. All the men: Imagine having your testicle twisted to the point where this no blood circulation to it and living like that for 24+ hrs. EXCRUCIATING PAIN its like a man's pregnancy and no man wants to get pregnant...at 13

    A testicular torsion is no joke..if you get it seek help immediately
  4. [quote name='"420BUDweiser"']There's two candidates for me. Cracking my head open, leaving a quarter sized hole, or when a four inch t shaped rebar went into my left foot, tearing out all the fat in my foot upon exit[/quote]

    Dude. You need to find a new line of work
  5. I got shot shot in the back by a 12 gauge... not fun my fellow stoners
  6. when I was a kid, was sledding (crazy carpet) head first down a huge local hill, at the bottom there was basically an inward bank (no way your going up this) to divide the hill and the parking lot at the bottom.. The bank was all ice, and i was just a little kid, and didn't really even think of stopping. I smashed head first into that big fucking wall of ice, I don't remember any of it at all..
    Sometimes I wonder if thats why im slow sometimes lol
  7. I got so many scars.... not even funny. have had holes put in me, flesh torn off, bones broken, digits cut half off... any none of it has got shit on toothaches...
  8. Dental work is my weakness.

    One episode started painful, and escalated to possibly the most painful thing I have ever experienced:

    Eating frozen ice thing with a spoon, somehow I fucked up and bit down really hard on the spoon, and managed to crack three of my molars open. That hurt quite a bit.

    Then, the dentist appointment, where it was decided these teeth were to be pulled out. I received about twenty injections in the gum, which were fine... but one had to go in the roof of my mouth. The pain made my entire body jump, and my eyes immediately flooded with tears. The dentist actually got up under me with his bicep, to shove this needle seemingly into my brain. I'll never forget that unholy feeling.

    Then the tug of war with the stubborn roots of my broken teeth, cemented quite nicely in my jaw.
  9. Also cracked my head open a little bit when I was about 10 years old wrestling with some friends.

    When I hit my head it didnt really hurt, didnt even know i was bleeding. My friends sister at the time starts screaming, "the carpet!! theres blood on the carpet!" lol it was a close to white color.

    So went to the hospital, get it checked out and say i need 4 stitches, thought id get staples instead. The doctor had to give me a shot in the cut to do something, i forget, so this guy starts giving me the shot. He for some reason keep taking it out and sticking it back into the wound, over and over and over again.

    Boy was I crying at the time lol
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    he was injecting the freeze stuff into different parts of your finger so you don't feel the stitches

    as for some of my worst injury's,

    -nail through the foot twice

    -drilled a sharpie sized hole halfway into the palm of my hand with a cordless drill

    - almost severed my finger last month when i cut my right pointer finger right where it joins the hand, the whole visible part of the joint (palm side) was sliced = 4 stitches

    - slicing the same finger as above, but on the first knuckle on top cutting lengthwise, i didn't feel a thing but i bled like a stuffed pig = 3 stitches

    thats all i can think of right now
  11. When I was 14 I tried to run and jump on a shopping cart, I rode it for like 10 seconds and smashed my fingers into the ground. I broke the tips of two fingers and broke off two finger nails... had to have emergency surgery and get my finger nails sewn back :rolleyes:, that was a pretty bad fail, if enough of you like this ill go find the pic and post em on here
  12. [quote name='"NameNotAvailab"']

    Dude. You need to find a new line of work[/quote]

    Had nothing to do with this. Just sheer stupidity
  13. torn urethra.

    pissed blood for a week.

    even worse then when a table saw took the tip of my pinky off, and most of the other fingers.
  14. [quote name='"skuzzy420"']broke my right collarbone twice playing soccer

    tore my ACL twice playing soccer. second ACL surgery was fucking awful. horribly painful.[/quote]

    My roommate is fucked up from soccer his shoulder falls out frequently and has had like 3 surgeries that haven't helped
  15. Fuck ur a animal
  16. Broken collar bone hurt really fucking bad

  17. I broke my collar bone coming out my mom, no joke. I was a 10 pound baby.
  18. Kidney stones sucked..so did getting stabbed in the arm, that hurt pretty bad too
  19. Falling off a jet ski onto a rock that was just below the surface of the water. Cut my leg from knee to mid thigh I almost bled out in the water. Lucky the coast guard was nearby.
  20. To be honest,

    my first love, cheating on me multiple times. and actually hearing the story in certain detail out of her own mouth...

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