Worst ( wound, injury, disease, worst pain) of your life

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  1. Oh yeah, haha

    Catchin the business in a zipper, multiple times

  2. I would have tossed that motherfucker. :devious:
  3. I broke my jaw years back.

    Couldn't eat for nearly two months. Yeah, I pretty much hated life.
  4. 8 years ago. Was crossing a street downtown with my bike at a red light, every car stopped cept for this douche. apparently got hit flew a couple of feet up landed on the front glass. got like 6 scars on my face. Broke my left leg. stayed in hospital for 2 weeks. and if I wasn't riding a bike i would've been dead.
  5. i got it by a feral cat lmfao, it got infected and i almost died almost a week in the hospital...
    three days ago i just cut the tip of my thump off, like not any of the nail just the 1/3 inch skin from the nail to the end :(
  6. I hit myself in the side of the knee with a 20 pound sledge hammer. It popped my knee outa place tearing tendons with it. Now it pops out of place every once in a while.

    The worst pain I ever felt was when it popped out of place while climbing a mountain. I was climbing up between two big ass rocks. I went to climb higher put all my weight on my completely extended left leg BAM knee pops out of place I fall 6 feet or so into rock. My knee got popped back into place from the impact somehow. Rested for ten minutes or so and then finished the climb
  7. I got a couple.
    I busted my head open jumpin on the bed wen i was like 6. The actually injury didnt hurt but the stitches did. They had to have 3 ppl hold me down.
    In 9th grade i was horsin around n chasin some chick. I jumped up on a bench to avoid some ppl, ran down it, went to jump off n came down on my knee cap. Think i might have cracked it but never went to the doctor to get it checked out. Jus wrapped it in a bandage n walked wit a pimp limp for 2 weeks.
  8. Those cluster headaches are unreal....
  9. When I was like 8 I was running down this little hill to go grab the camera to show my bitch some pictures lol, my dad was at the top grilling on a charcoal Webber. As I'm running down the hill he sets the lid on the little side rack, that shit slips of and it starts rolling down the hill. It fucking blind sided me, it hit my legs, I went down and somehow got wrapped around it. Keep in mind this grill was hot as fuck, he'd been cooking for a while. So I'm literally wrapped around this grill top rolling down a fucking hill, banging my head on it, my legs, and my left fucking arm. It hit the grill and stuck there, when I finally got done rolling I had to pull my arm off the fucking grill, it tore skin off and fucking burn my more because I had to hold it down. I went to some doctor place, I don't remember where or the car ride, on that I had cold rags all over me and my arm in a big yellow bowl filled with water.
    I had burns all over, arms, legs, head, chest. But my left arm was the worst, the doctor said the burn was hot enough and looked like a third degree burn but, it wasn't because it didn't fry my nerves. So I pretty much had a third degree burn that I could feel. The burn would puss up and my mom had to rip the gauss from my burn and the dried puss.
    I probably should get some counseling for burns because I have a weird burn fear thing.
  10. Eye surgery...I had two operations to repair detached retinas just days after I turned 22.

    The operations (one for each eye) were three weeks apart, but each time after the surgical anasthetic wore off, the pain was excruciating. Like a horror movie that hasn't been made yet kind of pain.

    Fortunately, when I got out of the hospital & back to my folks place, I was able to do some late night solo smoke sessions outside. Thanks to the herb, I was able to get glasses/contact lenses again ONE MONTH after my last surgery, instead of the 4-6 months the docs said it would be.
  11. you all are fucking troopers!!
  12. broke my right collarbone twice playing soccer

    tore my ACL twice playing soccer. second ACL surgery was fucking awful. horribly painful.
  13. that happened to me too in middle school, probably my worst injury

    last time i was in bad enough shape to be bed ridden tho was after i had a root canal. The root canal itself didnt hurt at all but somehow it got infected pretty bad and half of my face and the roof/gums of my mouth were swollen as fuck just throbbing with pain for days. I looked like the fucking elephant man lol (look him up if youve never seen him). Anyways to alleviate some of the swelling they had to do this shit called an "incision and drainage" which is basically just them taking a knife to your mouth, cutting that bitch open from a few different angles, and sucking out as much pus and blood as they can. I hate taking medicine but had to take some higher level pain killers for a few days after that while the infection subsided, and it still took a day or two for the swelling to go down so it was hard to eat and shit. sucked at the time but is kind of funny in retrospect
  14. i broke my humorous boxing, spiral fracture.

    We were just boxing like normal when i go for the left hook body shot. He ended up lifting his knee up and i accidentally hit it as hard as i could. My body was off the ground and all the force got sent to my arm. It literally is a corkscrew break and my arms permanently 1 inch shorter.

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  15. had to remove 2 teeth and massive treatment on another because of unmentionables abuse. The 3 months leading were the worst pain wise in my life. I had t drink alcohol smoke weed and mix with oxy and vicodin and add tyleno and advil and codeine and it wouldnt get rid of the pain. the 2 teeth tht were removed one has half of it left the other one has a third of it inital size. Im 18 and now look liek a crackhead cuz i have missing teeth.I would break my arms 5 times again than have to go trough a day of that dental pain. Seriously its absoltly undescriptable.
  16. Pulled my lower back muscle playing basketball.

    Was a very small pain at first but at the end of the night it was the worst ive been in.

    Back was spazzing, couldnt move, couldnt sleep, couldnt get up from laying down without that fucker hurting, unless i somehow kept still lol.

    But im weird with pain, i laugh. I was laughing the entire time this was happening, even though its been the worst pain so far.

    I dont know I found it pretty funny too.
  17. When I hyperextended my right knee playing basketball. I couldn't walk for like a month(knee extremely swollen), and every task was difficult. Shit was frustrating.
  18. Okay I can't match most of these. I mean hell, someone took a rebar through the foot and someone else got shot.

    My list includes multiple concussions, a broken hand, and last but not least -- a dislocated tailbone.

    All were hockey injuries, and when I f'd up my tailbone I couldn't sit upright for two weeks.
  19. Broke both bones in my right forearm in 2nd grade when playing tug a war. While I was pulling I fell down and the kid in front of me who was pretty heavy kid stepped back and stepped on my arm. There was a big dent in my arm and it was just hanging there. I remember It didn't hurt at first, probably because I was in shock from the way my arm looked. The real pain came at the hospital when the doctor put me under so he could set the bone but I guess I wasn't given enough and woke up while he was doing it.
  20. A cold sore. Never had one before so I started to cry...


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