Worst ( wound, injury, disease, worst pain) of your life

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  1. When I was eight years old..
    ..a bee stung the tip of my penis.
    And thus began my crusade against the winged ones..

  2. ^ i was almost paralyzed by a wasp stinging me between my vertabrae as a kid. I rode my bike towards the nurse at camp only made it half way before i couldn't walk. Had to be dragged up there and monitored took until night fall for me to be able to walk again. Everyday after that i have to take the chance of another horrific run in with those bastards. I had one fly into my cracked window going 45 in the late fall like wtf are the chances right?
  3. I had strep throat or some shit in 7th grade. I went to the doctors and for some reason they had to put the shot in my ass... wtf right? anyway, they inject my ass cheek with this long ass needle and i almost cried.. I think that was the most painful shit ever. I didn't go to school the next day cuz I couldn't sit down and could barely walk
  4. Sophomore year in college I was playing football at the other school i went to (D1AA) and was second on the depth chart coming off my red shirt year and they had me returning kicks and i stepped into a hole on the practice field and tore my ACL.... waited 9 months and my trainer was horrible and didnt let me train without a brace on or do anything so when i came back for camp i tore hamstring muscles in my leg and was done for the season
  5. I don't know which incident hurt worse.

    1. I took a 75/80 mph fast ball to the nose, and my coach saw (it was in practice) and ran over and saw it was crooked as fuck and hes like oh shit it's bad, it's gotta be set back in now or it'll hurt worse later, so I said okay just do it and I bite my glove. He steps back and my own coach says 'fuck that dude, get some one else'. So I set it back myself.

    2. I was violently to high and had heart burn, so I ate a handful of tums, probably 7 or 8. I had to use the bathroom about three hours later and it burned my ass so bad I had to bite down on a towel while I emptied myself of what felt hydrochloric acid. Please do not take that many tums.

    60% of the time, it works every time.

  6. A while back I was ambushed by a group of thieves looking to relieve me of my Septim.

    By my mighty sword I was able to fend for myself but in the process I took an arrow to the knee.

    Didn't fully recover for quite a bit but Fenrik is back to his old self now!
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    I hate to be That Girl, but the worst pain of my life without a doubt has been period cramps.  Breaking my arm sucked, as did splitting my chin open, but nothing I've gone through compares to rolling around on the floor screaming and crying because my goddamn uterus is trying to kill me from the inside.  What's more, when it got that bad, no amount of Ibuprofen or Midol or smoking pot actually helped.  Luckily that shit doesn't happen to me anymore.
    (I've never had any real serious injuries to compare it to, though.)
  8. when i was younger i was with my cousins in mexico and we were running through a  construction site full of these huge bricks and sharp rocks it was littered with these broken beer bottles that some drunk mexicans would leave behind i tripped and fell i could feel blood was pouring out of my legs i could barely walk back home my cousins told me not to look at it but i did anyway bloody scrapes/cuts and had a piece of glass stuck in my leg! worst part was we put some ointment on it but we didnt have gauze or bandage so we just tied a bandana to the wound to stop the bleeding and i fell asleep like two days later i was gonna take a shower the blood dried and the wound was like healing onto the bandana i had to rip it off it hurt pretty bad 
  9. Hahaha a fuckin banana? That's classic.
  10. Dislocated my elbow back when I skated, Didn't hurt at first, then a couple hours later the pain seeped in.
    I would ride down hills when going to school sometimes, and these hills were long and steep. Usually made then without scratches though one time I completely ate it and my parts of my face were scraped, my sides were scrape, my legs and arms were scraped, and worst of all I lost a shoe and my phone. I just walked the last mile to school and made it two minutes before late bell rang for first period. 

    Nothing extreme though, just scrapes and shit. 

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