Worst ( wound, injury, disease, worst pain) of your life

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  1. I was playing some inline hockey in like 5th or 6th grade.
    I was hauling ass towards the goal and had just a little too much speed for things to work out.

    I put my hands up to grab the top bar of the goal, and my feet (had extra weight on em cause the rollerblades i was using had grindplates) flung upwards into the net from all the momentum.

    The net fell over, the bar i had my hands on connected with the concrete first. Luckily, i had moved my left hand out the way, but my right middle & ring finger got fuckin pancaked between the top bar on the goal and the concrete.

    I dont really remember the pain, but i do remember forcing myself to smile in the way to the hospital. After i got myself smiling, i lol'd cause i had a my white T wrapped around my two fingers that were leaking blood and i was just sitting there, cheesin.

    Just the tips are kinda fucked up looking. Some of my friend fuck around and call em my "dick fingers"
  2. having urinary tract/bladder issues while I have my period. I'm just a hot mess right now. I have bad urinary symptoms (burns after I pee, back pain, pain INSIDE my urinary tract, etc. but apparently it's not a uti) and I can't go to the doctor until the 20th, I have either cellulitis or stasis dermatitis on my toes (one of them is twice the size it should be and feels like it got fucking run over), my wisdom teeth are coming in causing terrible pinching feelings in the back of my mouth and a sore throat, and I have my period. all this shit at the same time. FFFUUUUU
  3. broke my wrist one half of the bone was ontop of the other kinda like this ___----
  4. Either front teeth getting knocked in, twice. Or the 35 stitches in my.left leg when I cut it on a fence. Just missed all my arteries and balls. Scariest shit ever.

  5. I did the exact same thing :eek:
  6. Either a migraine I had once.. or my ingrown toenail shot; that shit hurt
  7. back spasms. not gonna explain how i got them long story.
  8. I demand you explain how you got them.
  9. last friday night [​IMG]

    cannot remember a thing, after 10 PM, including this. but i know i ran through my mates room high and drunk as fuck. and went mental at my (now) girlfriend XD, ignored her til she fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 7... you know she got it bad when you can ruin her night and make up for it in the morning :3

    p.s. hurts so much worse now - and it looks like a toddler's coloured my foot in with permanent marker that i cant wash off :p
  10. 3 years ago I broke my foot in several places when I was skateboarding, I had to get a cast and then wear an orthopedic shoe for 12 months.. fucking sucked.
  11. Lol DAMN that's a nasty bruise. And you don't even remember what happened? Not even in the slightest?
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    When I was 6 my dog bit my face (my fault though) and it tore up my upper lip so badly they had to do plastic surgery on it so it wouldn't look so fucked up. German Shepards are fucking strong dogs I tell you what.
  13. I had a bike thrown into the back of my head, sprocket first. All because I wouldn't sell some dick toaster a joint.
    Still hurts about 5 years on.
  14. Cracked my radius and ulna in half, hyper extending my elbow, and cutting my forearm which needed twenty stitches.
    All from the same snowboard accident.

  15. its not the bruise that bothers me - its the swelling. i know you have no idea, but i'm a skinny guy... that makes me look obese cos you cant tell. now my shins back to normal but my ankle is the size of a baby's head!

    and not the foggiest. i think i rememebr running, but apparently i walked, into the front room at this party... i remember jumping or skipping, then i thought i landed on my left foot, but fell over, and now my right's fucked up beyond belief XD
  16. I've got a couple.

    First was when I busted my head open when I was a little kid. 18 stitches in my forehead. That doesn't really count though because it was so long ago... I don't really remember it hurting that much. It was so overwhelming and I was so shocked that it happened that I don't think I even cried that much. I remember walking upstairs and my babysitter seeing me with blood pouring down my face and when she started to freak the hell out (understandable) I lost my shit and started bawling.

    About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with DFSP (dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans) which is a really rare and potentially lethal form of skin cancer. I had to have what's called Mohs surgery where they cut you open and remove a chunk of your skin. They then look at the edges of the piece they removed, and wherever they see cancer they go in and remove more from that area. Rinse and repeat until they don't find any cancer cells. It took about 9 hours, sitting there with a 2-golf ball-sized hole in my arm. It was crazy, I could look in and see my bicep muscle. The surgery didn't hurt that much but the cancer went down into the muscle so they had to cut some of it out. That hurt like a bitch for a month or two afterwards.

    The latest was when I low-sided my motorcycle at about 45mph. Once again, I was so scared when it happened that it didn't really hurt that badly. I was being a jackass and wearing a tshirt and shorts (I did have a helmet on at least, and don't worry. I learned my lesson) and scraped the SHIT out of my knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow. Removed most of the skin from my left arm above the elbow. Once again, the worst part about it was the week afterwards. I roll around when I sleep, so I'd fall asleep on my right side, roll onto my left, and instantly wake up gasping in pain.

    I've had a couple hangnails that were pretty miserable as well.

  17. When I was about five years old, I was playing batman with my sister and jumping on our couch....my dad used to have some bad ass aquariums setup in the house, and one of the empty tanks he just finished washing was sitting next to the couch, upside down...I remember curiously wondering if the tank could hold me if I jumped onto it from the couch...

    My curiosity got the best of me, and I made the jump. There was blood EVERYWHERE....my mom had to call her step dad to take us to the hospital, we went through multiple towels soaked in blood before he got to the house...all I can remember is him showing up, and no real pain at all. Got 75 stitches from the bottom of my leg, up to my knee. Not sure if you can see the scar or not in the picture:

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  18. being highly active throughout my whole life has resulted in some injuries i guess and a lot of it was when i was little

    broke collar bone when i was little, i dont remember it i just remember the arthritis that results from it from time to time
    scar on my left arm from running by some sheet metal that was sticking out and getting deeply cut when i was a kid
    stitches in my head from getting hit there by hiding behind a door playing hide and seek when i was a kid and it getting thrown open
    broken leg from a side impact of a car hitting me while on a motorcycle
    multiple burns from riding a motorcycle and it falling ontop of me and the tail pipe burning the shit out of my leg before someone was able to help pull it off me
    getting shot in the side of the stomach getting robbed first time visiting a major city
    i now suffer from ptsd and get really bad head aches from a car wreck and have a phobia of riding in cars that im not directly in control of or driving myself

    the good about this is everything is mostly healed and i look at it as experience and have somewhat learned something about it
  19. [quote name='"MattyBee"']

    I'm picturing that... Real fucked lemme get this straight. You jumped onto a T shaped metal bar and the force propelled the bar through your foot like the top part of T was the intial point of impact?[/quote]

    Exactly. The head of the T was the initial point of impact. Then my foot sank on it further due to my weight. The entire T entered my foot. I obviously didn't see it when I jumped
  20. I was about two inches from losing the ability to feel pain and move my toes. So damn lucky

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