Worst Weekend Of my life. Cops, Puking, Girls (Long)

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  1. So Im 18 and a Senior in HS, It was Winter Formal a little bit ago, and I went to the dance and meh, it was alright. It kind of sucked, but who goes for the dance anyway?

    The limo after was sick, just dancing and grinding on all these random girls, shit was going well. The Limo gets back to the house where the party is at at about 1am.

    After everyone going inside, the drinks start flowing and its like 1:30 AM.

    I Chill with a Few Coronas while me and my buddy watch the door, There were alot of people trying to come in to the party who werent on the list, and we couldn't be having any of that.

    This girl that came that I've fucked before, had to leave to take these 2 girls home, She definitely wanted to fuck that night too. So Im bummed, there goes my girl walking right out the door.

    My homie walks out the door and says "Hey, I've got 2 blunts, come hit em with me".

    So I walk out and we box his car, with 2 FAT blunts. Probably close to 2g each. Then we cruise back inside, eyes completely red, and we REEKED of bud. Its no big deal really, got some spray and took of my hoody and then we were set.

    Im walking around, socializing, spititng game, etc. I walk into the kitchen and someone is making Margaritas and asking me if I want one, so sure. I'll have one.

    Well, I decide at this point Im sufficiently drunk enough to play beer pong. And let me tell you, I was in the fucking ZONE. I made probably my first 5 or 6 shots, and ended up probably being like 70% in my game. My partner was this cute lil redhead and she was all over me.

    Next game, I go probably 60%, we still win. But Im really drunk at this point.

    Someone decides, hey, lets do keg stands. I figure, FUCK YEAH!

    I dont remember how long it was, but someone said they were watching it and it was by far the longest keg stand theyve ever seen. Its hazy to remember, but I rember sitting on the couch and saying, "Holy shit, that was a bad idea."

    This was probably around 4am. Then I started making out with this redhead girl and we ended up going upstairs and fucking. By the time Im done with her its about 5:30, and Im tired as fuck and ready to go home.

    I gotta piss, so I walk into the laundry room and piss on their washer. I know, its fucked up. I only wish I would have realized I was pissing on a washer rather than in a toilet.

    I realize, holy shit I just pissed on their washer and GTFO out of there. My house is probably 2 miles way, and this is going to be one serious drunk mission. Long ass walk.

    At this point Im unbeievable drunk, really high, and all around blacked out.

    I remember vaguealy walking the first 1.5 miles, then I saw a cop and had an instant sobering moment.

    Cop speed down the road at like 60mph, slams on his brakes and skids to a stop beside me. Jumps out with his taser trained on me and yells "GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND! NOW!"

    Im just standing there like holy shit what the fuck. I get on the ground, he cuffs me and puts me in the back of his squad car.

    He says someone was trying to break into a house not like 100 yards from where I was walking. Im just like, "So dude? What do I have to do with that? All I have is a cellphone and a wallet on me."

    He says I fit the description, and that it was I who was banging on their doors and windows.

    I have no memory of this.

    I left the party at 5:36, The walk should have taken 20-30 minutes. He rolled up at 7:00 AM.

    What the fuck did I do?!?!?!?!?!

    I have no idea why I would try to get into a house thats not mine. I already walked 3/4 of the way to my house, and I know how to get there and which one is mine. It makes no sense to me.

    Anyways, they cut me loose (But know Im durnk as fuck). They wont let me just walk away all drunk, so they call my parents, they come pick me up. Im fucked.

    I dont even know where to go from here. This has to be the most fucked up thing I've ever done in my life. No idea how or why I did it, or even that I did it. I have clear recollection of walking the road and then just walking and walking and then the cop car rolls up. There just a gap of like 45 minutes where I have no idea.

    Holy shit. Im going to go apologize to the people I supposedly tried to break into their home today. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    How did I fuck up so bad?
  2. I've done similar things had similar experiences and end result is I quit drinking. I've got about 12 years on you though by the looks of things.

    But... where does puking fall into your story?
  3. That sucks man... :smoke: just keep to smoking
  4. Massive lols at you pissing on a washer, had me laughing for like 15 minutes.

    If I knew how to +rep I would.

  5. Oh shit I forgot to add the puking part. I puked twice on the walk home. I guess exercise was a bad idea.

    God damnit. I'm so pissed at myself for this. Not to mention it was in my community and people saw me in the squad car

  6. LOOOOL. usually that's something you really don't wanna know, but for some reason in this case i wanna hear the story behind it.

    good shit.
  7. That was a good story, I'd like to know what happened with that house that you supposedly broke into.

    Ya dude alcohol has never treated me right, too many bad things happen including blacking out. That's why tree is there, to provide fun without the mess. But I do like getting fucked up on occasion, that's one for the books though. Kudos, and sorry that shit happen. Fucking pigs
  8. damn it wasn't that bad, it's not like you got arrested. like you said it was in your community and all your neighbors will remember your face. look at it like this, move out after high school and go to college, you will have all the freedom with no parental advisory. I know for a fact if you had smoke a blunt after all that liquor that would've sobered you up real quick. You must've been wasted if you can't remember anything.

  9. I mixed beer, hard, and weed. Lots of all 3. That was my biggest mistake.
    Smoking after drinking would fuck me up more.
  10. wow bro sounds like a fucking wild night. but there is always something that fucks up ya know
  11. i know some people have but i have not once had a good experience with alcahol. i just stick to blazin:smoking:
  12. This is going to sound weird but here it is, when I get really really drunk like you op and forget hours at a time, I have actually found that by dipping into my subconscious (getting high) I think I can actually remember exactly what happened and I had experiences where I think I have acutally predicted that a bad situation would happen and it happened exactly as I predicted it and in my drunken state I did the same exact thing I thought I would do, which would not have happened if I was high, so needless to say even though, I predicted it I still made the wrong fucking mistake. Now I don't know if this is the way it actually happened, but the prediction experience I spoke of went down like this, I was high taking a shower and thinking about the awesome ass party we were going to have the next day, had bottles and bottles upon other bottles of more bottles of liquor and assortments of beer, had hot ass girls coming in bikinis that were going to be very flemsy, if you know what I mean, haha saw a lot of nice titties that day, that I can remember anyway, now this is where it gets interesting, the house we were partying at, no one at the party lived there, my friend decided hey lets have a party at my neighbors house cuz they have a nice ass house, so we did also we knew with the amount of drunk people present, we know shit was going to get broken and we didn't want it to be our shit.

    So after we're all very drunk cops show up and ruined our party, we would have partied another good 7-8-9 hell maybe 10 hours the cops showed up at fucking 6 o clock, probably would have gotten laid like a couple of more times and gotten a lot more drunk, so if any of you are familiar with the aspect of being drunk where you only remember what happened when people tell you, yeah I was talking to the cops and the entire scenario played out like I had predicted and I said what I had predicted, stupid. Later when I was telling a friend about this premonition she said I actually said that, I was extremely surprised, then I told her that I predicted all of that.

    Another theory to this could be that I just vaguely remember the actual conversation happening and that I just thought that I predicted it, I'm pretty sure that's what happened, but I was still pretty surprised when my friend told me of my conversation which was awful, I won't tell you but it was bad.
  13. When I smoke after I have been drinking, I feel great! I mean honestly, its the best feeling.

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