Worst weed you've ever bought

Discussion in 'General' started by Skaytful, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Alright, first of all im new to Grasscity so hellllooo everyone.

    Anyway ive been seeing a lot of pictures of like brown shitty weed in random threads which is wierd because ive never even been offered any thing like that by any dealer(like proper dirt brown dry shit). I live in England, I dont know if its different in like different countries of whatever.

    Anywho, just post pictures and/or write about the shittiest dope you've ever bought :}..

    Nice cheers
  2. I have been blessed to never get straight up scammed, but when I was new. I got shitty scwagy shit, and didn't even realize.
  3. I remember my second time ever buying weed it was an 8th, the bag had at least 15 or more seeds in it and was dirt brown. But back then I thought seeds meant it was dank :laughing: Jesus I was a stupid 12 year old. :D

  4. Na, bro. You judge dank by how many stems it has. A veteran of your stature should know that. More stems equals danky
  5. got mids one time that was clearly covered in purple sharpe'marker

    damn youngin days
  6. I bought a half o off schwag for shits n gigs and it smelled like chili pepper

  7. You were fully aware you were buying schawg?
  8. I live on LI and always get bomb ass shit

    I got regs once from some random black guy, but he hooked us up and they were good regs. I kinda liked em cause you could smoke and puff and smoke and not get fuckin ripped after half a blunt
  9. Bought an O of shitty weed for £60 once if i got that offer again i'd take it straight away.
  10. 6 grams of bad shit.
  11. I used to buy shit weed when I was about 16 and think it was really good because at the time it got me pretty high.
  12. I'll never buy something shitty

    I mean...it's your money. You should at least get to look at what you're buying first. And if it sucks, I'd usually turn it down and go to somebody else.

    Now I just get it at the store
  13. Brown nugs with tons of seeds, that was compressed into really dense bricks without being cured, and transported up from central America by hispanics in mass amounts.

    Funny thing is, I actually liked that weed alot. The high was very mellow and calming, and the weed was cheap.

    All the good weed now is so fucking strong its uncomfortable.
  14. Was lucky and always had good hookups when I lived in Canada. Then moved to the US and had no hookups plus was living in the hood so I was exposed to brown shit weed. But now I have a good hookup again for quality herb. Life is good.
  15. Never had the misfortune of schwag, but I've had low mids before. Wasn't that impressive.

    Now I smoke nothing but Krip, if I try to smoke mids I just get a headache.
  16. I never saw schwag in England; keep in mind that most of our stuff is either home-grown (not needing to travel too far) or brought in from Holland. The worst we tended to get was 'soapbar' hash, and that stuff is bloody deadly, horrible stuff has been found in it. :mad:

    Brown schwag tends to be brought up to the US from Mexico, and their packing leaves a lot to be desired, and the travel is none too kind to the bud.
  17. I don't have pictures, but it was brown, dry, and I recovered 6 seeds in an 1/8th.
  18. solid brown and smelt like soy sauce
  19. I've bought some pretty shitty weed, but never anything straight out brown (Besides hash, but that doesn't count as weed of course :D )

    I was really, and I mean REALLY, ripped off one time, but it was worth it to be honest. I paid like two grams for $80 bucks! No joke, the normal weed price here for average weed is like $25 here. If you know some good dealers, you can get a deal and get like a gram of dank stuff for $20. Anyways, so I bought two grams for $80, but it lasted for fucking ever! Made four joints with hash in them and me and my homie was fucked up ALL DAY!

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