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Worst weed tragedy you've had?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tampafromcleveland, May 5, 2016.

  1. My wife decided to do spring cleaning. I had a secret zipper in a jacket that I had a qp of girlscout cookies in. She hated the jacket and decided to donate it to Goodwill. Good news was I never heard anything about ever around town after. Cost me 800 bucks.
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  2. Wow that's brutal. That would be a tough loss for me personally to get over.
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  3. flash flood carried away/killed about 30 1 week from harvest plants i was very very sad
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  4. So how long did the divorce papers take to come through?
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  5. ive had to go away unexpectadly and have returned to my entire harvest shriveled and dry, im talking like it was ready to be harvested and wasn't because I wasn't there.

    all sorts of dry over ripe buds
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    It was, needless to say my wife never throws a single thing out without asking me and the same goes for donations.
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  7. I had a plant get so heavy with bud one time it split down the middle and all the branches were laying on the ground in the morning. I emergency harvested at 6 1/2 weeks and got almost 6 zips with trim so not bad but it wasn't super potent.

    Another time I got robbed while I was sleeping, the only thing they took was all the weed in my stash spot which was about 3 zips. That fucking sucked, I know it was a "friend" so I stopped having those and trusting people.
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  8. That's horrible!
  10. She's a good women I'm lucky just wasn't lucky that day. This had me smiling thanks for the response
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  11. The other day I didn't have any weed!!!!

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  12. T
    That is quite the tragedy there my friend lol Hopefully your good now!
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  13. Tragedy can strike at any moment for a dabber. That really good shatter break that sends a piece flying across the room only to be lost on the floor forever.
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  14. Probably having my dad take my weed multiple times in high school and smoke it or probably getting pulled over and getting my first charge ever for poss after literally just buying a quarter of some dank and smoking a blunt in the car, not fun
  15. Watching my brother drop my favorite piece with my last bowl on the ground shattering the glass and ruining both.

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  16. 2 friends and I, packed up a bong, water, weed, munchies, and then hiked up this mountain (maybe 2 hours up).
    We forgot the lighter.
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  17. Thats a strait loss, i couldnt even imagine! Sorry man
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  18. I laughed so hard xD
    Man that sucks really bad. Good to know some traditional fire making skills eh? :3
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  19. Back in my single days, I washed and dried a pair of shorts that had a half ounce of Reggie in it. It was all caught in the dryer lint trap.

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  20. The one time me and my homies were making edibles and..... It's sad to say, but my buddies poured hot oil (rushing) into the first thing they could find that was big enough for what they made. (Not thinking + Already Stoned) This happened to be a plastic bowl that was conveniently right on the counter next to the oil that was just made. Sadly, as you can imaging the oil burnt straight through and onto the ground when poured in. There wasn't really much we could do to retrieve oil off of the ground especially considering how unsanitary it seemed, so we just cleaned the mess, rolled a fatty, and tried again. In my defense I was a bystander that watched this happen, and had no part in the loss of the fire buds that were wasted :sad:
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