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Worst weed-related experience I've had ever...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fadeddd, Dec 19, 2010.

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    So my best friend and I were together the first time I smoked, we have smoked a lot with each other over the past three years. This guy is basically the ultimate winner in life, on the track team, graduating from community college, going onto a four year school, potential scholarships, etc. He also has more friends than anyone I know, and everybody loves him because he's just the nicest dude in the world. Seriously. He would do anything for any random stranger sometimes, just out of his kindness.


    Past couple weeks, said friend has been getting very dark, starting to say a lot of cryptic, weird things... like he's talking in code half the time. I guess lately he's been smoking more frequently with various friends, he decided to tell his mom that marijuana was part of his lifestyle now and she totally freaked out on him and began treating him like he's a loser despite his accomplishments in life.

    So, at first he seemed to be taking it well, saying he will just prove her wrong...

    TL;DR we go out tonight, he says we're going over our other friends place just to chill, but this ends out being a lie (he never lies) and he intended to just get the dude and go to a bar... a bar that's like a full hour and a half drive from my house. We get there and he's all "u mad?" and I say I'm not, and just figured I'd talk to him about it later.

    We smoke a bowl and a joint between 8 people of some really mellow weed, nothing great at all. Way less than my friend normally smokes, of weaker stuff. He had one single beer the whole night. We get to his car and he just stops moving, stops talking for like 2-3 minutes. Next thing I know he's telling me how he was just "on another planet, moving things around" like he was on some sort of psychedelic trip out of no where.... we get in the car, he drives fine and starts acting normal after that, we get to our next destination and park and he completely flipped out. He was hyperventilating and growling, he was talking about how "he was a fisherman" and he could just live on his own without anyone and that fried chicken tastes disgusting and he's sick of eating it (out of no where, its one of his favorite foods as well) and that there was a second version of himself, a secret man he hid, that he was a wolf in sheeps clothing, starting making a ton of references to Pulp Fiction, the movie... and everything he says is like a riddle that you have to try and figure out what he's implying... "I was given the ball and all I had to do was kick it, all I had to do was perform". After an hour or so he was crying.

    Basically, me and my friend tried to talk him through this shit, and I basically decided to call someone and get a different ride home because my friend was freaking me the fuck out.

    I don't know if it's the stress in his life, the fact he's smoking way more frequently, but it seemed like he was having like a meltdown or a psychotic break. I'm scared that he might be one of those totally normal people with like, hidden schizophrenia... fuck. :( I'm sorry for how long and rambling this is, but I just got home and I'm worried about him. :\

    Any comments or advice appreciated. :(

    edit: some other crazy stuff he was saying was like.. he'd be super puzzled sounding, and be like.. "you mean i'm not God?". it was fucking bizarre..

    double edit: He's in the hospital now. :/
  2. o_O, man thats crazy. I have a friend who acts different, but not to that extreme. He just gets angrier easier.
  3. It was super crazy cause he's never acted anything like this, ever, and we've known each other since we were 4... now we're 22.

    My other friend and I were just kind of like, flabbergasted, trying to make sense of it all and talk him through it, thinking it was a panic attack... but the stuff he was saying was so crazy. He also said he was sort of sleep deprived, I'm wondering if the psychoactive cannabis just pushed his tired, stressed mind over the edge...
  4. These are the kind of internalized revelations people get somtimes when theyre first uncovering more of reality. But the fact that they were saying these things outload in a "weird" way i guess thats differet:confused: Discovering that you are god of your world sounds pretty sane to me though. But it does sound like that shizophrenia stuff i guess.
  5. he shouldn't smoke for a while, and if the same thing happens next time he smokes, you know what the problem is. i know people who had psychotic reactions and they go away if you stop smoking.
  6. Thanks, I might try suggesting it to him, assuming tomorrow he's back to himself... but it'll be a bitter pill for him to swallow lol.

    Why do people have psychotic reactions and others don't ever so much as have an intense closed eye visual, let alone hallucinations or delusions... Are some brains just "weaker" in dealing with psychoactive substances and just become overwhelmed? Obviously tolerance to it has something to do with it...

    Also, before he freaked out he complained of not being able to eat and difficulty sleeping because he hadn't smoked in 2 days, which lead him to get freaked out/thinking about addiction I think, too.. but has anyone ever heard of episodes like these after going through a couple days of a t-break or something?
  7. not tryin to be a dick but that sounds like hes on something other then weed
  8. dude i really hope hes ok, if he is back to himslef tomorrow which im sure he will be he will probably figure he NEEDS a break from weed , unless it was laced or something? how were the other people who smoked the stuff? i know i would take a break if something borderline crazy happened to me like that id freak out , please advise him to stop or at least quit it for a while just to be on the safe side, he might be a little weird next time you see him maybe even a little embaressed but let him know you're there if he has any issues or whatever
  9. Its probably a melt down from the stress he gets. Even if people are not trying to stress him out, a person who is accomplished tend to be hard on themselves. There is a hell lot of stress when there is high expectation be it from others or from himself.

    I believe that at this point the most important thing is be there for him. I had a similar situation not very long ago and you have no idea how much someone just caring helps. But be careful cos if you say something wrong(even if its really a misinterpretation) it might hurt him way more. My friend made a neutral comment that I misinterpreted and ended up crying for 4 hours hahahaha

    As for taking a break from weed I think it depends on him. I found it easier to get over all the crap smoking though most people don't. I quit alcohol for about a month though during that depression. I'm a person who loves food and I turned anorexic for a couple of weeks before I got help =|
    It just don't taste good anymore. I would guess that he is experiencing something similar.

    Its not going to be fast, one can't just "snap" out of depression immediately. Especially when it sounds like his is pretty bad. Just make sure he knows that you are always there for him.
  10. Holy shit that guy is a psychopath
  11. sounds like your friend has some psychological issues
  12. that sounds somewhat bizarre, but by knowing the things that he was saying i would think that he was only saying such things because hes been thinking and analyzing things in life too much and he began to believe alot of philosophical thoughts, and when he was trying to explain them to you it came out weird because those thoughts only make sense in his mind, and its virtually impossible for him to explain those thoughts well enough so that you can understand it, and not make him sound psychotic. analyzing things this much is definitely not a good thing and if he doesnt stop smoking theres a possibility it could turn into psychosis, and maybe even be permanent.

    you should talk to him and try to persuade him into understanding how important it is that he stops
  13. He's not a psychopath (serial killers are psychopaths..) and he doesn't have psychological issues, like I said before he's a very normal, nice dude normally. Tons of friends, very popular in school.

    As far as our weed being laced, it was split between 8 people and it wasn't very great weed, no one else had any negative reaction.. we all got a little bit high and that's all. My friend was saying stuff like "i could have just ingested PCP, roofilin.." etc etc, and my friend and I were both just like "no dude", cause we were all drinking the same beers from the same place at the same time and smoked the same pot. :\ He did nothing we didn't do.
  14. Males predisposed for schizophrenia usually have their first psychotic "episode" around the ages of 18-25.... earlier than women. And the initial episode can just 'pop up' if provoked by a lot of stress or personal setbacks. He has a lot of the symptoms: flattened affect, delusions, disorganized speech. It could also be bipolar... he might be in a manic phase. Could he have been on medication all these years and you didn't know it? Maybe he stopped taking it recently? He might feel vulnerable and attacked that this mom reacted the way she did.

    Of course.. this is just speculation based on very limited information. It could be just a combination of being stoned and under a lot of stress. You said he drank a beer.. did anyone put anything in it?

    I hope your friend gets through this and it's not anything serious. Just support him and try to see if it's a consistent thing when he smokes. Good luck.
  15. Hey guys, thanks for the input... my friend called me this morning and told me our friend (who is having the problems) was even worse than before, to the point that he was wandering around his house half dressed and making advances on his mom, making a lot of really gross incestuous comments.. just CRAZY ASS SHIT he has never done before.

    Basically, I had to call his dad and tell him what was up. I guess it's out of my hands now. This really sucks.
  16. schizophrenia ...
  17. That's what I keep thinking, my cousin was schizophrenic acted just like this. And it just blew up all at once like this too... :( I'll be crushed if my best friend since I was 4 is schizophrenic.
  18. that awful to hear dude but we all gotta keep in mind that by altering ourselves all the time with a psycoachtive substance... who knows what could happen.

    i pray hes alright but maybe this should teach us all somethin.
  19. The dude was prob on cid. Think about it, he drove 1.5 hours to go have one beer at a bar.....
  20. I hope your friend gets help. Schizophrenia is really manageable with the right treatment and medication, especially if it's caught early and doesn't develop into further psychosis. A lot of people like to demonize schizophrenics, but it's a diagnosis, not who the person is. Just support him. He's lucky to have a friend that cares.

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