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Worst type of people to smoke with.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. ppl who aren't cool. Period.

    Some of you sound like you're looking for a date with these lists/standards lol.

    Smoke and enjoy your high.
  2. Girls. I have smoked my girl up and her fucking mouth doesn't stop. Smoked her friend . Wouldn't shut the fuck up. So bitches that talk too much. My girl also freaked out real bad. She took a big hit and started groaning, she was panicking and said she couldn't breathe. She hung over the laundry tub for 15 minutes just moaning. I told her" babe, what the fuck, are you fucking retarded? It's fucking weed"
  3. Bro you dont like to sing when your high? Gtfo
  4. No I don't. I listen to music. There is nothing musical about a high chick squawking about seeing things move and shit. Smoking alone is the true way to enjoy and appreciate the bud and what it took. Exception, I will smoke with someone in the know
  5. Tweakers.
    But i guess they're just the worst types of people in general so that can't really count huh?
    My least favorite people to smoke with would probably be that person thats always like "ayy pass that shit" "ayy lemme get that" "hurry up, your holdin up roto."
    Muthafucker, this IS NOT your weed. Chill. You get whatcha get and you don't throw a fit. When its your turn to pack you get a 2 cents. SHHHH.

    And then when you ask em to match their like "ohh naww man this last gram is for when i get home..." BITCH you can make that into 3 bowls first of all, probably more. AND you just smoked like 2 fuckin g's with me! Now put a nug in that fucking bowl. Bitch.
  6. people that bitch at you for not throwing up enough weed.
    if i throw up .5 and you dont throw anything up and you start bitching at me for not giving you more free weed then fuck you
  7. I have this one guy from back home that I smoke with on breaks and shit, and man he has like an superiority complex or something.

    After every hit he'll act like he's some fucking champ and that he's a pro. He'll look at my other friends and like pick at how they're hitting the pipe even when they're doing fine.
  8. #108 mambugaw, Mar 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 14, 2012
    Heh, I've got a story to tell.

    Me, my best friend, and this other kid whose house we use were vaping with the magic flight. The kid whose house we were at, we'll call jon because that's his name. Anyways, I had just bought the magic flight and my friend wanted to try, we went to jon's house and I whipped out my MFLB, Jon the proceeds to tell me that I'm a moron for paying $120 for it when he can make it in his garage for cheap. Then I go ok do it and he says he doesn't feel like it; so I shrug it off. Then we start hitting the Magic Flight and I demonstrate to the two about how to use it, then I hand it to my friend and he tries it. Then jon gets it and even though I explained to him that you have to have a slow draw he's sucking as hard as he can. Then I tell him to slow down and he slows down but still sucks too hard for very much vaporization to occur. Then, this is the kicker, Jon goes, "I'm so high right now." Then my friend says, "I'm not really feeling it." Then jon goes, "Yeah me either, you're a fucking idiot for buying this it doesn't even work." Then Jon starts swinging a pickaxe around and that's how he earned the nickname, "the gay miner".

    TLDR: Kid says he was high, my friend said he wasnt so he flip flops and says he isn't either literally 1 second after my friend said that.

  9. lol dude I can make a G last me like 5-6 bowl packs :laughing:

    can really relate to this though, in America that is..

  10. This can happen though man. Happened to me before when I was hitting a bong with some friends I didn't hit it quite right and I got maybe a half hit. Then its fine if someone takes an extra hit, most people would in that situation..;)
  11. [quote name='"Hali Hostility"']

    I'd smack a hoe....[/quote]

    I hate smoking with people that use faggot constantly as an insult...and reply all you want but nothing you say is gonna change the fact that its really fucked up that you do this

    I mean think about it
  12. one of my friends doesnt even fing inhale one time he smoked just as much as me and clamed he wasnt that high hes only smoked like 7 times an i got absolutly baked munchies tired felt good he was like nah man im alright hes such a bitch haha but like one of my best friends no more weed for him lol
  13. Also people who overuse the word faggot like its cool.
  14. Did anyone know that the history of the word Faggot goes really far back into the burning of witches days. Homosexuals were looked down upon so much that they didn't have the privilege to be put on the stake and burned, so they were burned in a bushel of sticks called a Faggot. And that's where we get the term Flaming Faggot. Pretty god damned terrible right?
  15. Not everyone can just throw around their weed like they're made of money. I always smoke out my bros but I'm not gunna throw down my own weed just cause everyone else is.
  16. The ones who slobber all over the joint..
  17. ...:(

    some of us can't help it.

  18. Lmao, in my racist state it's called n***er-lipping it. Goes to show you that the South will never change. My least favorite people to smoke with are the crossfaders who go too far with their shit. I knew this girl who would toke and finish off with a sip of fucking GASOLINE. Yes, that's not slang for some strain of weed or whatever. There was another girl in a headline not too long ago who guzzles that shit. - shrink your URLs and get paid!
  19. I hate people that complain about other people while smoking.
  20. [quote name='"Dutchmaster617"']

    Racist whites.[/quote]

    Your realize by saying that you are indeed being racist yourself and are obviously ignorant of the true meaning of the term "racism" I also didn't see any obvious signs of him being white

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