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Worst type of people to smoke with.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I took your advice
  2. So we all just learned about a new annoying person to hang out with. Racists!
  3. idk about worst but the best are the thinkers. go for a 1/2 hour of silence then have something intelligent to say.
  4. People that try to get you to toke ''the correct way'' and people that never share. Happily people I toke with and people in the past I've toked with are all really awesome and we share each other's weed and have a good time. I remember when I first started smoking, when I was with a group of specific friends they would correct me and tell me what I had to do but I soon I realised that eventually they were only trying to help me get the most smoke I could and they haven't done it since, only showing me how to do it which was awesome but the people that do it constantly I'd probably hurt em haha.

    Also, people that are really greedy with their weed piss me off. I mean of course it's their weed and they can do what they want with it, but it can be a downer and if everyone else is sharing and you don't doesn't look good on your part. People like that if they ever toked with me and the people I toke with they'd get their ass kicked lol.
  5. I absolutely hate smoking with people that obviously can't hold their own while smacked. I'm understanding when it comes to beginners because we all have been there, but when it is someone that has been smoking for enough time to stop buggin out, and smokes insane amounts of the ganja and thinks they are good while trippin the fuck out, it just pisses me off.

    I also hate being around people that begs for me to light them up. This one time, i was staying at my friends house for the night so i could get to work early, and i decided to buy 2 bags. One to smoke with him, and another for myself while at work. He starts to nag and nag for me to light up the next bowl after we just finished smoking not only the bag i bought, but also the extra i had saved up. If he wasn't sittin down, he would have been on his hands and knees begging. Apparently, he also did that with his older brother too. The most sad part is that he has been smoking longer, and smokes more than i do on a daily. He shouldn't be acting that way.
  6. Yeah one of my friends who doesn't smoke too much acts like a huge child, and I hate it. He's still a great friend, annoying none the less. Also I hate that one guy at the party who always says he'll smoke you up, and you hear about how much bag he has, yet magically, he seems to be all out at the party. Yeah. I hate those guys. Grrrrrr
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    People who make fun of other people. My close group of friends would be like 3-5 people (including me) and this one dude would always pick on someone. Like always pointing out their flaws, correcting everything they say ("I'm right your wrong") and just being a douche in general. My "friend" said he got a $400,000 scholarship for cooking (he is a great cook) and he said he turned it down. Obvious bullshit but then when you try to say that's bullshit he just goes into some long schpeel of how you're wrong. Also compulsive lying to make you look cool. He had been smoking way longer than me but his connects were SHIT. $70 an 8th for some Decent dank and I could get some legit medical for $50 an 8th and he would Never believe me. Smoked him out with the stuff I got and he couldn't believe it. He would just brag and brag about strain names and how much shit he can get but when I hit him up for some "everyone's out". I would even hit him up when I would pick up some medical asking if he wanted any and he'd be like "Nah I can get better stuff man".

    Also there is nothing wrong with the quite person. We have some of the best ideas. When I first started smoking I wouldn't say anything just because it was so new to me. Instead of being a childish douchebag I actually wouldn't say anything, unless someone spoke to me. It was mostly because they would talk about something I wasn't interested in but once I really started to smoke me and my friends had a blast.

    I will admit that I was that one dude always wanting to smoke but I tried to do other shit at the same time. Get blazed go to a movie or something. But there's not a lot to do in my area if you don't have a car so we would just walk to gas stations and shit. We'd be blazed and then we'd just be bored and all break up.

    Also people who throw down with you the first couple of times but once they realize you'll smoke them up even if they don't throw down and take advantage of you. Then when they got bud you have to throw in some cash... Bitch please, I smoked you up for a solid month, almost every day (like for real.....)
  8. I hate the one guy that freaks out like its LSD or some shit. Like seriously, calm the fuck down. The guy would start running in the woods and shit.

    Also, there's always some dick in the group that has to pick on someone else. It's like seriously? Just sit back and enjoy the marijuana.
  9. people who give marijuana and stoners a bad name by acting like a total asshole/idiot while high
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    Scumbag Steve

  11. People that kill the mood. Like when people always find something to bitch about.
  12. i fucking HATE when your burning with a girl for the first time and you think your ganna get some but instead, her feet get more attention than you do-___-
  13. Dudes that go absolute crazy when the listen to music and say they are falling when they are jusy sitting there...
  14. People that are totally sketched out. The worst i think for me is when their sketched while riding with me and smoking. If you don't want to be in a car with weed, don't get in my car. I have weed, its a given. I'm smart with how i drive, and how i move in general. 7 years and still got a clean record. I just hate people who get paranoid i suppose.
  15. Some of you need to lighten up haha. I like smoking with the dude thats always like " woah I'm so stoned" as long as they dont bring unwanted attention I love those people. The people I don't like smoking with are the same people I avoid when I sober, like the douche bags and the I'm better than you types, the only people I hate are the ones that don't know how to have fun.
  16. I know this is going against what the OP is asking, but i love smoking with the occasional close friend/family member that never smoked in their lives. Why? They always have questions and i love imparting knowledge to the ignorant. lol
  17. I hate people that get a joint wet. People who act like a little kid. People who get really paranoid. And people that only take
  18. The Police. /thread

  19. Well actually the Police would be fucking awesome to smoke with if they actually smoked with you unless you mean the band? Because those guys suck. So.....continue thread.
  20. @WeedIsYummy, I read your signature "Broke Stoner" and I have pretty bad dyslexia occasionally, so at first I thought it read, "Boner Stroke," And I was like, "WhooooOaooaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoa, whaaaat theee hellll,"
    I felt I should mention it.

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