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Worst type of people to smoke with.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silemanx, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Noobs who don't know how to corner bowls
    Noobs who act like they are on unmentionables after smoking 1 bowl
  2. This has probably been said before but fucking MOOCHERS. The people that are like oh you wanna smoke a bowl? Then proceed to wait for you to load one. Worst type of smoker there is IMHO.
  3. People who hang out with you only to smoke. Yeah, they'll have bud to match half the time, but when they hit you up it's always like, "Hey, you wanna smoke? Wanna match?" and if you're out of bud they make up an excuse to not chill.
  4. If Your So Called Friends Only Want To Hang Out If You Have Bud Like They Want To Hang Out The Next Morning To Smoke Down But If You Didn't Have Bud They Wouldn't Want To Hang Out At All.
  5. haha nothing personal but I fucking hate when people capitalize every word of a sentence. It's so hard to read fluently.
  6. Why would someone even do that lol

    It would take so much time to capitalize every word..

  7. Plus it's no where near grammatically correct. What are those damn English teachers teaching these days? "Now remember kids if you capitalize every word in your sentences people will think that every word you type is that much more important. Oh and by the way fuck grammar. Class dismissed."

  8. I know of some phones that do it automatically and it's impossible to change.
  9. People who act like weed is LSD or acid. You ain't seeing shit nothing that ain't there.
  10. I hate smoking with people who can't handle there shit people that will take like 1 toke and act like a complete dumb fuck.
    I hate smoking with people who pack such a big hit but cant handle it and drool all over the bong and floor choking.
    People that will sit there and bogart the blunt while talking for 10 mins...
    Guess that's why I normally never toke with noobs anymore lol. :p
  11. Jew smokers. The one so cheap and greedy that we match each other with eighths and I pack 13 bowls of my weed and he packs twice.
  12. #32 ignila, Mar 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2012
    I can't really think of many situations where I would be smoking with someone who wasn't my friend. All of them are super chill, I've been smoking with them for about 6 years now since I moved here. I like smoking with all my friends so maybe I'm "that guy" that they all hate to smoke with haha.
  13. i think the problem is that your ARE hanging out with 12 year olds come back when 18 man. if anyone over 18 is acting like that then they are retarded and should be on the short bus for sure.
  14. When people hear your smoking, and just come over. Or when people say they will throw down cash and when you bring it up they say something like we didn't smoke much or some bullshit. Pisses me the fuck off cut so many friends for this shit
  15. My least favorite are the ones that dont inhale then act high.... its like smh we know you're faking.
  16. A moocher who never has their own herb and expects you to smoke them out every time
  17. [quote name='"bromojoe"']This has probably been said before but fucking MOOCHERS. The people that are like oh you wanna smoke a bowl? Then proceed to wait for you to load one. Worst type of smoker there is IMHO.[/quote]

    Ughh people like this are thee most anoying to smoke with for sure
  18. Not to turn the thread into a picture dump, but people like this....

  19. Ya man.When i'm high,I don't like stupidity.If they want to do stupid shit,I just go to sleep.

  20. I tend to exaggerate. I meant they start behaving childishly. I know 40 year olds that turn into immature monsters when they drink.

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